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I always try to be happy, but sometimes acknowledge that I am suffering from loneliness.  Someone truly said that The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be yourself. Loneliness is the most terrible poverty and the feeling of being unloved.”.

People say, to stay happy always regardless of circumstances. But practically it is not possible at all,  because it needs lots of courage and so many adjustments in life.

At this junction of life, I gained nearly everything I had dreamt of – good jobs, a comfortable home, nice cars, and above all good health too. I use to plan to travel once a year. I don’t have financial, mental, or health problems, but a problem of loneliness is there.

Since I am retired now. I have no work and no company because of that loneliness prevails. “I know that loneliness is so dangerous that probably kills more people than cancer. So, I decided to make a daily routine to get my mind engaged and use my time better way. 

There is a good thing that I am successfully created my zeal to redevelop my old hobbies nowadays. sometimes I still feel lonely to the extent that I use to cry sitting in a lonely place. Then I feel relaxed.

 In fact, I often get in fights with myself about the life I am carrying. During my professional life, I worked hard for future happiness, but that purpose did not appear to be fulfilled.

Everyone has some goal in life, and they are struggling to achieve that.

I decided to set some goals in life and am trying to develop some skills to achieve that.

I believe that long-term or short-term goals can be achieved if efficiently manage and not only that it gives happiness in life as well.

Friends, It is very important to keep yourself happy to enjoy this beautiful life.

I have learned so many ways to overcome our loneliness and keep mentally and physically fit.

Count your age by friends (TRUE)..

 Do Good things for others

Every act of kindness counts,  your small acts, like a friendly smile, a few kind words,  offering your seat while traveling. – there are lots of different ways we can do good things for others.

 It’s not all about money – we can give our time, knowledge, ideas, energy or support.

In the morning,  I follow my daily routine of feeding the birds in the park and distributing biscuits and snacks to the guards doing duty at my apartment.  That gives me immense happiness.. 

Friends, Everyone needs kindness and Our acts of kindness might be for strangers, family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors.

Science shows that helping others can boost happiness. It can contribute to our happiness in different ways. These include increasing our sense of meaning and satisfaction with life and boosting our self-confidence. It can reduce stress and increase happiness.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Keep learning new things

Humans are natural learners—and we learn best when we perform the tasks what trying to learn.  No matter how old you are.. I created a new hobby of swimming and started at the age of 64. I am a good swimmer indeed. Ha ha ha ..

Everyday is a new day.

Writing Blog post

 Most of our learning takes place by doing the thing with utmost dedication and hard work.

 Don’t invest all your time in learning the jargon and theory.  You can master the skill through trial and error. I started this blogging  2 years ago. First, I had written a few posts and found out what works and what doesn’t. The more I am doing the more I am learning.

If you want to be Happy, Don’t dwell on the past

Doing Art & drawing :

People say that pictures speak. By the way, everyone learns how to draw in his childhood. I also used to draw in my school days.  Again I started my hybernated hobby of drawing at the age of 64.

I am doing a variety of sketches and drawings using graphite pencil and charcoal. Earlier, I used to learn this art from a drawing teacher but had to stop these offline classes due to lockdown. But again I have joined online classes.

Today I have completed two years of practicing drawing. Not only that I have made around 1000 sketches till now but still I’m not better at it. I also post my drawing through the blog. It gives me immense pleasure to see your beautiful compliments from all of you. That increases my spirits and my efforts continue.

There is nothing like deep breaths after true Laughing

Yoga Sadhana and Meditation:

 Earlier I had the habit of getting up late in the morning.  Since the time of lockdown, I have started paying special attention to my health. I have included a morning walk in my daily routine and follow it daily.

Along with morning walks, I also do yoga practice and meditation. It has benefited me that my minor ailments are getting cured and I am feeling better day by day.

This hobby has become my habit now. I would like to request you also to do this exercise and feel the difference.

Be grateful to the People who make you happy.

I am grateful for

Generally, I write down three things I am grateful for every night, before going to bed.  I think it is the oldest trick in the book, but still, it works. It forces me to shift through my entire day, looking only for the positives.

Friends, I have discussed my five hobbies. I will try to discuss my other hobbies in the next blog. I hope all of you are also inspired by my blog. Do share your feedback, I will be glad to hear.

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  1. Sir, maybe apko koi club join karna chahiye. Usse thoda acha samay nikal jaega.
    Ap Apni hobby k hisab se club join kar sakte he. Like minded people k sath acha time nikal jata he.

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    • सही कहा आपने, लेकिन मतलबी दुनिया मे अकेला ही रहना ठीक लगता है, ।उससे बिछुड़ने का डर नही होता।

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  2. Forget loneliness! Enjoy the life as it comes.

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  3. I think most of us do this at one point or another in our lives. All the best to you. Stay strong!

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  4. Nice blog on your daily routine work.

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  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    I wake up every morning and think to myself, ‘
    How far can I push my dream in the next 24 hours?


  6. Beautiful post, thank you

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