#Welcome to Bihar #

Friends, Today is Bihar Divas (22nd March), an important day that marks the formation of the state of Bihar, which took place on March 22nd, 1912.  The British government separated Bihar from the Bengal Presidency on this date. Yes,  Bihar… Read More ›

#Why fitness is necessary?

Take up one idea at a time. Friends, In the present circumstances, Fitness has become a buzzword in the world today, and for good reason. Maintaining good health and fitness has become increasingly important as we lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles… Read More ›

#Who hit the Gym at 41

Don’t settle for average Pratibha Thapliyal’s story of struggle and success is one that is truly inspiring. At the age of 41, when most people are winding down their careers and settling into a comfortable retirement, Pratibha decided to take… Read More ›

# एक किताब का दर्द #

मैं एक किताब हूँ , .कोई मुझे  “दिल की किताब” कहता है तो कोई दिल से लगा कर रखता है | मैं हर तरह के लोगों के लिए बनी  हूँ | जो जैसा पसंद करे वैसा बनकर उसके दिल के  सेल्फ में… Read More ›

#Lata Mangeshkar of Ranaghat#

Oh, my Calcutta! It produced several Nobel laureates, notable intellectuals, and thinkers.It has also produced accidental celebrities as well. Now I do believe in destiny. Yes, I am remembering Ranu Mondal today. Ranu Mondal is a name that was unknown… Read More ›

#Sharat Chandra: a legend#

Truly, the city of joy, Kolkata is home to some of the most influential personalities in India. Friends, we looked at some of the most notable Nobel laureates from Calcutta in the previous blog. Apart from these Nobel laureates, Calcutta… Read More ›

#Happy Blogiversary #

Dear readers, Today marks a very special day for me – it’s the third anniversary of my blogging journey. I feel overjoyed and proud of myself for reaching this milestone. Blogging has been an incredible experience that has allowed me… Read More ›