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I am Vijay Kumar Verma, residing in Kolkata, the city of joy. I was a Banker since December 1985 and retired in April 2017 from State Bank of India. After serving the Bank for 32 years as an officer holding different assignments from time to time, now I am currently enjoying the retired life. I would like to fulfil the duty of social service through this platform spreading aware about the health related problems and their remedies. I will also try to entertain my followers through knowledgeable information and motivate them to enjoy better and quality lifestyle. It is my endeavour to keep the post friendly and as informative as I can.

I am willing to connect with my friends and followers, through my stories and drawings out of my passion to write and make sketches.

I would like to create a trusted and joyful friend circle, and share tales from the past

  • #Be happy ….Be alive#…

    You learn more from failure than from success,. Don’t let it stop you… Failure builds character. Hey friends, Hope you all are doing Great! Keep Smiling and bring a smile to others’ faces too. This is the slogan of the… Read More ›

  • # तलाश अपने सपनों की #….1 

    ख़ुशी ज़ल्दी में थी .. चली गई गम फुर्सत में थे ..ठहर गए , ठोकर लगी पर गिरे नहीं वक़्त रहते संभल गए , ढूंढता हूँ वो बीते हुए लम्हे न जाने वो किधर गए…… संदीप को घर बैठे पुरे एक… Read More ›

  • #World Soil Day#

    Today is the 5th of December and we are observing world soil day   to draw attention to the importance of healthy soil for the sustenance of life on earth. Being an agricultural graduate from Ranchi Agricultural college, It is utmost… Read More ›

  • # Stay Fit This winter #

    Friends, The winter season has knocked on our door, So, I want to share some information to enjoy this season and how to keep our body fit. It is a fact that different seasons of the year bring with them… Read More ›

  • # रिक्शावाला की अजीब कहानी #…18 

    पुलिया के ऊपर पानी का बहाव बहुत तेज़ था, लेकिन मैंने सोचा नहीं था कि पानी की धारा इतनी तेज़ होगी कि मेरा रिक्शा को ही बहा ले जाएगी | वो तो खैरियत थी कि मुझे तैरना आता था इसलिए… Read More ›

  • # रिक्शावाला की अजीब कहानी #…15

    वक़्त से लड़ कर जो अपना नसीब बदल दे , इंसान वही जो अपनी तकदीर बदल दे , क्या होगा कल कभी मत सोचो क्या पता कल वक़्त खुद अपनी लकीर बदल दे… बड़े भाई की हकीकत सुनकर मैं भी… Read More ›

  • #Enjoying Open Air Gym#

    Friends, Now a days,  I am staying in sector 37, Noida in Delhi. I have a habit of doing a morning walk every day. So, this morning, I was looking for a park for a morning walk near my house…. Read More ›

  • #रिक्शावाला की अजीब कहानी# …17 

    आज बूढ़े बाबा की बात सुन कर मुझे अलग तरह की अनुभूति हो रही थी | उनको मैं चलते हुए रास्ते में मिला था और उनकी मज़बूरी  देख कर अपने रिक्शे पर बैठा लिया | उनके गाँव के समीप ला… Read More ›

  • #Art is my passion# 

    Dear friends, I love sketching and painting. During my professional career, this hobby was in hibernation. After my retirement, I took the pencil in my hand again because I still love drawing & painting. Some of my friends raise questions… Read More ›

  • # रिक्शावाला की अजीब कहानी #…16

    शाम का वक़्त हो रहा था और हम सभी बहुत जल्द ही बड़े भाई के गाँव पहुँचने वाले थे | तभी मैंने  देखा की ट्रक की लम्बी लाइन से सड़क जाम पड़ा है | मेरे रिक्शा को आगे जाने का… Read More ›