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I am Vijay Kumar Verma, residing in Kolkata, the city of joy. I was a Banker since December 1985 and retired in April 2017 from State Bank of India. After serving the Bank for 32 years as an officer holding different assignments from time to time, now I am currently enjoying the retired life. I would like to fulfil the duty of social service through this platform spreading aware about the health related problems and their remedies. I will also try to entertain my followers through knowledgeable information and motivate them to enjoy better and quality lifestyle. It is my endeavour to keep the post friendly and as informative as I can.

I am willing to connect with my friends and followers, through my stories and drawings out of my passion to write and make sketches.

I would like to create a trusted and joyful friend circle, and share tales from the past

  • # कृष्ण की राधा #

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम: एक दिन जब श्री कृष्ण  स्वर्ग में विचरण कर रहे थे तो अचानक राधा सामने मिल गई | उसे देख कर विचलित सी कृष्णा और प्रसन्नचित सी राधा .., कृष्णा सकपकाए  पर राधा मुस्कुराई |…

  • # Me and my aspirations #

    I never paint Dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality….Frida Kahlo After returning from morning walk, I mostly like  to sit on my table,  take my pen, flip the pages of my dairy and  then wonder about my inner… Read More ›

  • # तनाव से मुक्ति #

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम:
    प्रार्थना और विश्वास दोनों अदृश्य हैं , पतन्तु दोनों में इतनी ताकत है कि नामुमकिन को मुमकिन बना देता है .. आज कल हमारी जीवन शैली ऐसी हो गयी है कि stress हमारे जीवन का हिस्सा…

  • A Legend : M S Dhoni, # Captain cool#

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम:
    MS Dhoni’s retirement from international cricket came as a shock, because he is not only a cricketer but also a successful captain, team leader, legend, mentor as well as humble human being… I came to know…

  • # I Am Grateful For….#

    When things are happening according to our wish. We feel happy and praise God for his grace. On the other hand, we feel despondency and despair when things are happening against our will and in that situation also, we request… Read More ›

  • The Museum of Illusions

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम:
    Seeing is Believing Hello Friends, Sometimes we experience moments of joy in our life which become memorable. Yes, I got an opportunity to visit Delhi a week before. This trip was very encouraging for me because…

  • # और मूंछ कट गयी #….

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम:
    एक अलग ही पहचान बनाने की आदत है मेरी , तकलीफों में भी मुस्कुराने की आदत है मेरी दोस्तों, कभी कभी कुछ घटनाएँ ज़िन्दगी में ऐसी घटती है कि वह हमेशा के लिए दिलो -दिमाग पर…

  • # Yes, I can draw #

    … Sometimes I do scribbling.  I use to write my feelings in my note book ..those  lines act  as therapy for me . I am banker by profession now retired after 32 years of experience of banking. I am passionate… Read More ›

  • # The Artist Me #

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम:
    There is a famous quote by Pablo Picasso… All children are Artists, the problem is how to remain an Artist once they grown up…. During the college days I used to draw pictures of animals and…

  • # जीवन की सच्चाई #

    Originally posted on Retiredकलम:
    हमलोग कई सारे सपने देखते है | कुछ तो सच हो जाते है और कुछ नहीं भी | फिर भी ज़िन्दगी तो अपने रफ़्तार से ही चलती रहती है | कभी कभी हम अपने जीवन के…