me and my Art

#Pencil Drawing challenge#

I like challenges because it brings instant pleasure and satisfaction. One day, I challenged myself to create sketches in 5-10 minutes with the help of graphite pencil and pastel color. I purchased one sketch book exclusively for this purpose. In… Read More ›

Budding photographer -13

World Photography Day Friends, Welcome to the Budding Photographer show. Yes, you may call it Photoblog. Everyone loves photography, I too. As you all know that I am continuously writing blogs, but words don’t make a photograph. “Photography is a… Read More ›

my passion for drawing

Dear friends, We are celebrating those endeavors of making my 1,000th sketch today. I am doing hard work to pursue my passion for drawing.  Yes, this hobby gives me so much inspiration and joy and helps me further my artistic… Read More ›