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Budding Photographer -10

Friends, Today I would like to share the moments with my Portrait photography. I had a curiosity about this subject as it creates an opportunity to expose our creativity and thought. As I have an interest in photography, I am… Read More ›

# Jack of all trait #

Drawing & Painting Dear friends It has been a moment of happiness that I got yesterday. Yes, I have completed 2 years of learning Arts and drawing and made 500th sketch today. I think it is the occasion to celebrate… Read More ›

Learning is my Passion

Friends Many people say that one should find their own passion in life and should work towards it, but the key question is “How do I find out what I am passionate about?”. Demonstrating curiosity and making the most of… Read More ›

Budding Photographer-6

Dear friends, I am not a photographer but eager to learn all that can about the photography A great photograph is a full expression of what one feel about, what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby… Read More ›

#Art is my passion#

Dear friends, I love sketching and painting. During my professional career, this hobby was in hibernation. After my retirement, I took the pencil in my hand again because I still love drawing & painting. Some of my friends raise questions… Read More ›

# Budding photographer-4

Friends, Welcome to the Budding Photographer show, yes you may call it Photoblog. When we talk about the photograph, it is evident that it nearly touches every aspect of modern life in the form of communication, documentation, and hobbies. The… Read More ›