me and my Art

# Frenzied Passion #

Me and my painting Graphite pencil sketching has always been my favorite medium for art. It was my first love when I started learning basic drawing technique. Since I am self-taught, it was the easiest tool to control and manage…. Read More ›

# Art is Free #

There is no must in Art because art is free… Sometimes back when I retired from a bank job, suddenly I started feeling emptiness, even finding it difficult to spend time.   I was always a busy man but all… Read More ›

# One Little Thought…# 1

Generation Gap… There is a wide range of discussions on generation gap these days because almost four generations is existing together on the earth these days. The life expectancy has increase and so the side effect is also visible now… Read More ›

# तस्वीर बनाता हूँ मैं #

आज का ब्लॉग लिखने में कुछ ज्यादा ही मज़ा आ रहा है | वैसे प्रत्येक ब्लॉग लिखने में ख़ुशी महसूस होती है  लेकिन आज कुछ अलग तरह का अनुभव कर रहा हूँ |  मैंने आज ही सुबह एक ब्लॉग पोस्ट… Read More ›