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Hello friends,

Art is my passion and I love to paint, but it is necessary to learn sketching before painting — my drawing teacher says.

Sketching is important in art as it plays a role of a structure for the painting. Sketching would provide a strong foundation for your painting.

I understand that Learning to sketch is paramount to our journey of becoming an artist.

Yes, learning to sketch can be a valuable tool for any artist. Sketching provides the foundation for understanding basic composition, perspective, and shading. These skills are essential to creating beautiful and realistic paintings.

I am also practicing sketching for the last two years and setting small weekly goals for myself. These seem to be important steps in achieving our overall goal of becoming a better artist.

But sometimes, I feel it a very challenging to stay motivated and focused on my long-term goal.  I usually remind to self of my goal time and again and my meditation keeps me motivated and helpful to continue my journey of art.

During my drawing class, my drawing teacher has discussed some tips and tricks to keep moving forward in our artistic journey which I would like to mention here.

The first step in staying motivated is to remind ourselves — why we started this journey of art?

Yes,  I was inspired the first time, and that day I picked up a  pencil and paper and started creating something through zig-zag lines. That was the day when I was astonished when I saw a beautiful sketch of lord shiva made by a simple-looking artist on the footpath with colored chalk just in a few minutes.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and promise myself to develop this skill.

Sketching is a good mental exercise

I find Sketching is very good for the exercise of our hands, mind, and eyes. This activity provides various benefits which are useful in daily life. It also has healing capabilities and cognitive benefits.  That is why I love sketching.

During the initial days of sketching, I felt unnatural and uncomfortable as it includes all the brainstorming but after practicing hard for two years, I fall in love with sketching now.

Why sketching is important for art?

Sketching is important because it enables the mind to think in a unique manner, which also encourages open-minded thoughts as well as creativity.

Sketching enhances our creativity.

 The most significant benefits of sketching are that it allows us to experiment with different ideas and compositions quickly. Sketching is a great way to explore our creativity and come up with new ideas for paintings.

 when we do uninterrupted sketching, it would lead to our personal development and problem-solving skills. And because of these traits, our critical thinking skills would improve which therefore produce new insights and creative thoughts.

Strengthens focus and strategic thinking

When you are doing sketching there are various cognitive and cerebral benefits. When we sketch, our brains work at a faster rate as brainstorming is done which releases endorphins which also leads to building new connections and pathways.

We know that our brain has two sides, both sides being efficiently used when we are sketching, the right side for creativity and the left side for logical thinking. And because of this, it helps in developing the ability to focus and even think strategically.

Improves holistic health:

Sketching is important as it aids in relaxation and stress relief, as while sketching we focus on the details of the environment which is indirectly the same as meditation.

Yes, It is my meditation exercise when I spontaneously sketch anything and that helps to relieve my stress as we focus on the subject continuously.

Improves observation skills

Sketching also helps us to develop our observation skills. By observing and drawing from life, we can learn to see details and nuances that we may have overlooked before. These skills are also helpful in painting, and creating more realistic and compelling artwork.

Experiments with different ideas

The most significant benefit of sketching is that it allows us to experiment with different ideas and compositions quickly. Sketching is a great way to explore our creativity and come up with new ideas for paintings. It’s also a low-pressure way to practice, as sketches don’t need to be perfect or polished.

Friends, My drawing teacher says, Practicing the basics of art, including sketching, is an essential step toward becoming a skilled artist. By practicing regularly and setting achievable goals, We can make progress toward our goals and develop our skills and creativity.

It is essential to stay true to ourselves and our vision and stay inspired and motivated along the way.

No one knows where your passion for painting and sketching will take you. Keep smiling and keep practicing.

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  1. Practice makes us better, if not perfect.

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  2. You are doing a great job Sir!!

    Keep sharing

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  3. These are great, art is so great for your mind.

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  4. Nice blog.Practice makes man perfect.You are doing the job nicely.

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