#Retirement made me an artist#

Friends, Retirement is often seen as a time to relax and enjoy life after years of hard work.

I retired from a demanding full-time professional career as Banker 5 years ago and I think it’s fair to say that over these periods,  I have become a full-time artist. I may not be putting pastels to paper or dipping my brush in paint 8 hours a day but I am always looking at life through an artistic lens.

My artist’s brain is always switched on observing, seeing, and storing information that will feed back into physical works at some future time. I paint, I share, and I enjoy it as a hobby. I constantly learn from other artists.

An opportunity to pursue my passion

For me, it is an opportunity to pursue my passions and hobbies that had been hibernated during my professional career.

For me, retirement has allowed me to focus more on my love of art.

I think, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a retired artist is the freedom to experiment with different mediums and techniques. With no deadlines or expectations, I am free to explore and create without the pressure of producing a finished product.

I’ve experimented with different forms of art, from pastels to watercolors, and even ventured into the digital realm with graphic design.

In addition to creating my own art, I also enjoy learning from other artists. Retirement has given me the time to attend workshops, exhibitions, and online classes, where I can meet and learn from other artists. I’ve found that the art community is incredibly supportive and welcoming, and I have made some wonderful connections with other artists.

Sharing my Artwork is a rewarding experience

Sharing my work with others has also been a rewarding experience. Although I don’t consider myself a professional artist because I am still learning. But, I’ve had the opportunity to share my artwork through blogging and through digital media.

The feedback and encouragement I’ve received from others have been incredibly motivating and have pushed me to continue to grow and develop as an artist.

But being a retired artist isn’t just about creating and sharing artwork. It’s also about seeing the world through an artistic lens. I find myself constantly observing and appreciating the beauty and complexity of the world around me.

From the colors of a sunset to the intricate patterns on a leaf, I find inspiration in even the smallest details of everyday life.

Being a retired artist has given me a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment in my life. It has allowed me to pursue my passion for art and to continue to learn and grow as an artist. But more than that, it has given me a new way of seeing and experiencing the world, one that is filled with beauty and creativity.

The value of art in our lives

Whether we consider ourselves full-time artists or simply enjoy creating art as a hobby, it’s important to remember the value of art in our lives. Art has the power to inspire, to heal, and to bring people together. It’s a reflection of the human experience, and it’s something that we can all appreciate and enjoy.

Explore your artistic side

Friends, whether you’re retired or still in the midst of a demanding career, take some time to explore your artistic side. You may be surprised at the joy and fulfillment it brings to your life. And who knows, you may even discover that you’re a full-time artist at heart.

Please watch this video and share your feelings.


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  1. You’ve great talent Vijay. 👍🏼

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  2. Great artworks!!! ❤️

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  3. Developing talent can be done at any time in life. In retirement one perhaps has more time to dedicate to developing talent, which is only developed through hard work. You are an artist my friend and you are developing talent quickly and wonderfully. I truly admire your example. Have a great day and all the best.

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  4. I tried to retire and ended up with a great job. Still I have had the the same transformation, as I see most through an artistic lens.


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  5. Retirement made you so many things

    Now you have some time for yourself.
    Keep sharing VKV 😍

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  6. I’m happy you found this creative side of yourself. Retirement sounds fun already 😊

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  1. #Retirement made me an artist# – Millennial Retirement Specialist

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