Forcing Myself to be happy

I wake up every morning and think to myself, ‘
How far can I push my dream in the next 24 hours?



I always try to be happy, but sometimes acknowledge that I am suffering from loneliness. Someone truly said that The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be yourself. Loneliness is the most terrible poverty and the feeling of being unloved.”.

People say, to stay happy always regardless of circumstances. But practically it is not possible at all, because it needs lots of courage and so many adjustments in life.

At this junction of life, I gained nearly everything I had dreamt of – good jobs, a comfortable home, nice cars, and above all good health too. I use to plan to travel once a year. I don’t have financial, mental, or health problems, but a problem of loneliness is there.

Since I am retired now. I have no work and no company because of that loneliness prevails. “I know that loneliness is so…

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  1. Retirement should not make you feel you have left anything, but that you are entering a new phase, through a new door, with a new uniform and with the knowledge that what you left behind was like yesterday, something that can never be re-gained, so best left simmering in the back stove of the memories. Happiness cannot come forced, it arrives subtly and sometimes in small doses, but we must always make an effort to move forward in life, in retirement as well as not. Have a great Saturday Sir, and enjoy the day, I know that you will find the way.

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  2. Enjoy life as it comes.
    Once we get used to retirement , we realize that there are a thousand interesting things to do

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  3. Amazing post… I’m amazed that you are doing so well in your life even after your retirement you are investing your time so wisely. I’m just a teenager and this post motivates me so much that we can do a lot of things especially which makes you happy.
    Keep writing more amazing blogs I just love reading them😊

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  4. I think sir after years of banking service.
    Now you needed this kind of break.
    Where you are able to live your life according to your way.
    You have started this amazing “retired kalam”. You enjoy your time with photography, painting, swimming, working out, travelling. I think you are doing great.
    Please keep shining.

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  5. A trip to the shore is a great way to find pleasure and happiness. Enjoy retirement!

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