# Welcome to my Sketchbook #

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
They somehow know what you truly want to become.


Dear friends,

I know that I am not good at drawing and even feel that my sketches are not exactly considered an art.

Despite all that I feel excited about sharing my drawing through blogs because this creates an opportunity to interact with friends who are far away. I find valuable comments and suggestions that guide me in my endeavor.

Yes, it helps me keep going in my endeavor.

In the morning, I always spend time visiting my sketch- book and feel happy to see my latest drawing.

That makes my whole day pleasant and happy. Yes, I love drawing and trying hard to get myself up to mark.

Few of us are fortunate enough that learns this skill at a very young age and become professional artists someday. But I am not one of those. I just started learning this hobby at 64. Still, I have passion and stubbornness…

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  1. All kinds of art are a joy to see. So are your sketches.🙏

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  2. Nice sketches, as we say here, better late than never…I did start earlier around 25, I moved temporarily to another city then and was looking for something new, now I am 66 and kind of getting back to it..:D

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  3. A real joy …👏👏👏👌💐😊

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