# Simple ways to relieve Stress #

 Stress is the feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous.

There are numerous studies that show how the problem of stress, anxiety and depression is becoming omnipresent and affecting a vast majority of us.

A recent study by ASSOCHAM revealed that 42.4% of employee in the Indian pvt sector suffers from depression.

It is also revealed that much higher % of the working population is under stress without even realizing it and the epidemic of stress is bound to grow as work is undergoing rapid change now a days.

There are so many reasons of stress and depression..

Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) :

The nature of work is fast changing due to A.I. at workplace and is one of the major source of stress and for  those people who is unable to adopt the quick change in the work. Now it is very necessary to know how to deal with this.

We have some suggestions to get rid of the stress : …

  1. Acknowledge the stress : Whether we are enjoying the work or feel boredom and anxiety with the work doing for the livelihood.

To overcome leverage our strength… don’t focus on your weakness but leveraging our innate strength and do the work with confidence and love the work you do..

Finding our IKIGAI :

It  is a Japanese term meaning doing your work with feeling of great enjoyment and fully absorbed in it. This technique is very helpful to manage stress.

Develop high emotional intelligence (E.I) :

 It is all about our understanding of our own emotions and emotions of others and handle the situation  accordingly.

It is very helpful in the stay away from stress as one can observe feeling bodily sensation and thought.

Breath consciously:…

Breathing exercise is very helpful to distress. Whenever you feel stress, Take a long inhale and exhale for some time in between work and you will feel cooling down the pressure. It is very easy and useful technique to adopt.

Write a journals..

This is also a very powerful technique for dealing with stress. Writing about the emotional feeling we felt during the tough time, just use your note pad, dairy or in mobile phone. Expressing your emotions is helping to distress.

It was the same thing that after picking up garbage from every corner of your house and putting it in the Trash box and the house get cleaned.


This is probably the single greatest spiritual practice of all time to stay away from stress and anxiety. Meditation is life changing.

It is one of best things ever to keep balancing physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. It is powerful, transformative, and life changing.

Meditation makes you more conscious and aware of everything…. .Yourself, Other People and the world around you.

Meditation allows you to see and perceive more clearly : 

Meditation quietens the mind and allows you to see things more clearly. It reveals blind spots and makes many things obvious that weren’t easy or even possible to see when your mind was busy.

The more you meditate, the clearer your mind and your perspective becomes.

Some of the deepest and most profound insights and realizations of my life have come to me just sitting or lying down in meditation.

Meditation opens your mind : 

There aren’t a lot of closed minded mediators. A closed mind comes from rigid thinking patterns and from thinking the same thoughts over and over again thousands of times.

Meditation however allows you to get some space between you and your mind so that you aren’t so identified with your thoughts.

Once you start meditating for long enough, you will definitely start to perceive ‘your’ thoughts as alien and foreign.

Meditation will change your personality for the better. 

There aren’t too many arrogant, loud mouths, know-it-all meditators. Meditation changes the way you think, feel and act for the better. It makes you calmer, happier, and more peaceful.

It makes you more OK and less resistant to ‘what is’. 

It is said that  when someone doesn’t meditate often / at all, because they can’t slow down or stop talking and they get angry and frustrated easily at the smallest things.

Meditation decreases anxiety, blood pressure, stress, tension and worry.

Meditation is good for concentration, creativity, emotional well-being, focus, learning/studying, mood, intuition, mental health and peace of mind

Meditation recharges your batteries and gives your body and mind a break

Meditation makes food taste better, music sound better and improves your intuition and senses.

It is recommended making meditation a daily habit for at least 20 minutes a day. You can do it for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.

That might sound like a lot and at first it will probably be incredibly difficult. But the more you persist with it the easier it gets and believe me the benefits are well worth it and you’ll soon want to do it even more.

Now the Question arises …How to meditate :

There are so many different ways to meditate and different ways suit different people.

As I personally do Meditation In the morning time, Sitting crossed legged with an erect posture and my eyes closed

My palms are facing upwards and my thumbs are touching my index fingers that are it.


  • Let EVERYTHING be EXACTLY as it is
  • Let everyone outside make as much noise as they want to
  • Watch your thoughts come and go and your emotions rise and fall like waves in the ocean
  • Focus on your breath.


  • Don’t try to do anything
  • Don’t try to get anything
  • Don’t try to achieve anything
  • Don’t try to get enlightened
  • Don’t attach to or resist anything that arises. Don’t even resist resistance if that comes up. If you feel any resistance to resistance let the inner resistance be there without trying to push it away.
  • Don’t judge or label any thoughts good or bad, right or wrong, true or false

There can be thousands of other way also to deal with stress but you can choose what suit you to work for..

I would say that please identify your stress level and take steps to deal with and make physically and mentally fit…   


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Stay happy and healthy


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