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Someone graduated from the institute at 22 years old, but at the same time had to wait three years for a job.

Some became a successful director in 25 but died at 50 years old, and someone became a director in 50, but died at 90..

Someone is still single at 32 and someone already has a family and children at 26 and preparing for divorce or just enjoying their life in peace and harmony.

Macron became president at 39 years old, and Robert Mugabe at 63 years old .

Schumacher became a champion at 25 years old. But Nino Farina won his first race at 44 years.

Warren Buffett became a billionaire at 56 years old and Zuckerberg at the age of 23 years old.

Kylie Jenner became the youngest billionaire girl at the age of 21, leaving far behind young male billionaire.

The famous Irish brewer Arthur Guinness had 21 children until 56 years old and George Clooney first became a father at 55 years old.

Everyone in this world runs their own race, according to their own way, in their own time. Everything is multifaceted and ambiguous.

Time is the difference..

If you think about it. Everything in the world , works based on its own time zone.

Your friends may be ahead of you and someone may be behind.

It is all natural. Everyone has their own distance in their time zone.

 Don’t be jealous, don’t compare, they are in their time zone and you are in yours.

clothes, caste, place all the factor are necessary, but that doesn’t describe you , because you are unique… Be happy the way you are living . Everyone is unique in their own way…

Life is a moment, waiting for good occasions, time and case as they say …

So relax and enjoy.

You are not late.

You are not early.

You are on time

Happy senior adults showing thumbs up sign

Someone said correctly that 70 % of our illness comes from internal factor and negativity of the brain,

We can say that due to negative or wrong thoughts created in the brain cause mental tension and mental weakness and anger.

And 30 % of our illness comes due to external factors which are beyond our control. Hence if we control our negative thought, anger, sadness, jealous and unwarranted fear, we can control 70% of our illness by healthy life style, daily exercise and good food habits

.One should always try to be happy in the present environment, no one can control external factor but can very much control our internal situation of life.

I hope you enjoy reading my thought in my Blog. I would also like to thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me through your comments, likes and sharing my Blog..

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Happy senior adults showing thumbs up sign


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7 replies

  1. Very motivational blog. Everyone is working on their own time zone. Some may be ahead of us and some are behind us. We should neither envy those who are ahead of us or mock those who are behind us. We should not be caught up in comparison.

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  2. well said sir but what is going on these days ..
    this Blog reminds us about the fact of life…
    thank you sir , stay connected..


  3. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Never compare yourself to others…
    you are amazing in your own way…
    Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive..


  4. Yes, everyone runs one’s own race!

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