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Today,  I came to know about  IKIGAI describing  THE JAPANESE secret to live long and happy life. There is an island  in japan called okinawa .there are more people above age of 100 than the global average. The inhabitant of this island, in south of japan live longer than the people anywhere else in the world .But how ?

They are doing the work differently. The life based on three basic principles that three things worth practicing in our life ..

Movement  .

People in  Okinawa moves a lot . Most of them are in to gardening. They cultivate their own vegetables . They walk a lot and do the physical activity every day.

They are very active throughout their life. Our human body is design to move and movement is the fundamental aspect of life. Our body Movement affects everything., from circulation to digestion and metabolism to immunity.

Excessive  sitting is now linked with many diseases and conditions even depression .

Movement is sign of life. Look at kids, we see full of movement and energy  whereas an old people they hardly move. These days lot of health conscious people, they join the gym and work out for one hour everyday but remaining 23 hrs they lead a  sedentary lifestyle.

That should not be the case but it should be consistency in  movement through out even if it is a slow movement.

If you have a desk job ,make sure that you are taking enough breaks and moving your body every 60 minutes ,so the first principle is to move more to live more.

Create your passion and reason :

we should Create our passion and reason to jump out of bed each morning .Do the thing  what you love, what can you good at , what can be paid for and what make you exited and happy. It is unique for everyone.

You should have purpose,  when you make your passion.. your vocation ..your profession and mission  of  your life. Most people die after the age of retirement, because they don’t have anything to look forward to, but if look to the politicians they live longer ..

Do you know why ? Because in politics their career starts after the age of 50.

Many Japanese people never really retired, they keep doing  what they love as long as their health allows. By finding a purpose that drives you each and every day , we  can focus our energy and extend our  years on this planet. We should  keep our mind and body busy , be engaged in meaningful activities to live long .

social circle:

The third principle is social circle . They found people in Okinawa have healthy relationship  and life long friends .most of them don’t leave the island and their childhood friendship last for ever. They spend evenings with their friends and their neibour and spend time in community gathering and events . 

Before 2004, we use to spend more time physically connecting with friends and used to have great conversations and laughter and have chaupal and common place for gathering  before the social media came in existence .

Now we are connected like never before , we have thousands of friends on Facebook and multiple groups on whats app, but in real term we are also disconnected   like never before..We don’t spend quality time with friends anymore.

Social media is a great platform , great tools but it should not remain as the only medium to connect the people . We need real conversation, real engagement .

People who are emotionally connected to family, friends and the community, they are happier, healthier  and live longer than the people who are less connected. Treat everyone like a friend even if you have never met them before.

Loneliness and isolation can kill us. So nurture  friendship. To gain a friend ,we need to be  great friend first.   Stay active, don’t retire , take it slow move more  and surround itself with friends, connect with nature , live the moment , enjoy the things  be optimistic and follow your passion to  live long and happy.

Death is inevitable for all, we all will die one day , but when you live the life  to the fullest , love everyone make a difference..  

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  1. Excellent article. I follow all the three things in my real life.


  2. Very rightly said that movement is symbol of life.
    The more we move the fitter we be.
    Loved this post

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  3. it is better known to you, as you are experiencing and so you are fit and happy..


  4. Nice informations


  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Appreciation is a wonderful thing..
    it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well..


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