#Happy Dussehra#

‘victory of good over evil

We are celebrating the festival Durga Puja which started on 26th Sept and is ending today, the  5th of October.

Today is Dussehra (Vijayadashmi) which marks the last and final day of Durga Puja. On this day, the idols of goddess Durga are prepared for immersion. it is believed that goddess Durga begins her journey back to mount Kailash.

This celebration commemorates goddess Durga’s victory over the evil demon Mahishasura.

Dussehra is a big festival for us. Throughout the country, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and Zeal.

This festival has one teaching,– that is all about the ‘victory of good over evil’.  Yes, this festival has its own importance and signifies the victory of the power of good over the power of evil.  Good wins over evil and light win over dark.

Durga Killed Mahisasura

There is a mythological background behind this festival.

Mahishasura had a blessing that he would not be killed either by a man or a God. So, he decided to loot and kill all with impunity, to rule over all the three realms. Even Gods were not spared.

The dwellers of the Earth and heaven were troubled and tortured by the notorious demon Mahisasura. Other heavenly Gods were also afraid of him.

On their earnest prayer and request, the Goddess Durga was born from fire. As an embodiment of Shakti (strength) and valor, Goddess Durga appeared before the demon. The demon was bewitched by her beauty and was killed by her. His death brought relief to the Earth and to Heaven. To honor the Goddess Durga, Dussehra is celebrated.

Dussehra Celebrations :

Dussehra or Vijayadashami marks the end of Durga Puja after 9 days of celebration. It is remembering goddess Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura to restore and protect dharma.

People all over the country celebrate this festival with full excitement, enjoyment, and enthusiasm.

Vijayadashami celebrations include processions carried to a river or pond that involve carrying clay statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, and Kartikeya, accompanied by music and chants, after which the images are immersed in the water for dissolution and farewell.

Durga Puja in Kolkata

Friends, I am in Kolkata, and Durga Puja and Vijayadashami have their significance in West Bengal.

It is being celebrated with great enthusiasm as people here have special attachments to art, literature, and culture.

Yes, the whole of Bengal, particularly Kolkata city provides a great religious and cultural environment for consecutive nine days.

The pandals are of massive great structures, which is again unique this year.

Gold wali Devi Durga

We have visited a different pendal yesterday.  We have seen the idol that has bewitched revelers with its radiance and opulence. It is said that the goddess Durga idol made of 50 kg gold, worth around a whopping ₹20 crore is here in pendal at  Shree Bhumi Sporting Club. Kolkata.

 That was the main attraction and it attracts lots of people to visit here once. “Nobody has ever in the past conceived the form of the goddess in pure gold.

During the pandal’s visit, we also tasted the sizzling food of Bengal and enjoyed it a lot. In our residential society, we have also enjoyed dance and orchestra music for the last three days.

Let us enjoy the victory of good over evil. It is time to encourage the good within us. May you have a wonderful Dussehra  

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  1. जय श्री राम।।।

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  2. Happy Dussehra sir… Amazing blog.
    All the pictures are nice too

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  3. Happy Dussera.Kolkata is famous for Durga Puja.It is state puja.First time I came to know from your blog the golden Durga.

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  4. Happy Celebration to you Sir! May you enjoy it greatly!

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  5. Happy Dussehra. 🙏🙏🙏

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  6. Happy Dusherra My Lovely Uncle ✨❣️🤗😇

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  7. Rituals of Durga Puja start from the day of Mahalaya and continue till Dashami. The rituals include Bodhon, Amantron, mangal ghat, bathing of Nabapatrika and so on. Sacrifices are also included in the rituals. Earlier there was animal and human sacrifice. Since the rule of Vaishnava Kings there has been no such sacrifice. Vegetables are sacrificed instead.

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