#African Cheetah welcome to India#

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Over 70 years after they went extinct from India, eight cheetahs landed once again in India on Saturday (September 17) from Namibia as a part of the project cheetah. The cheetah reintroduction project is the first of its kind under the transcontinental mission. under which eight Nabian cheetah has been brought to the Indian territory after being extinct for over 70 years.

Return of Cheetah to India

The big cats were flown in on a modified passenger B-747 Jumbo Jet, which took off from Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek and landed in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior. Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the cheetahs, on the occasion of his birthday, at KUNO National Park.

India once homed many Asiatic cheetahs. But they were hunted to the extent of extinction. it is believed that in 1947, only three cheetahs were left and they were too hunted down by maharaja Ramanuja Pratap Singh…

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