#Art is my first love#

During self-isolation due to the Covid pandemic, I turned to my new passion for Art and drawing two years ago.

 It really provides me the creative opportunity to express myself. This hobby allows me to use my brain in ways that make me feel good. 

Yes, I  feel very relaxed during my art and drawing session.

Mental health issues indeed affect nearly half of the global population at age of above 40 years. Add to that, in the present situation of the corona era, maintaining mental wellness and managing fear and uncertainty is a challenge for us.  

An Idea that clicked

During Corona Pandemic, an idea that clicked in my mind, we should have to think differently so that we can engage our minds for optimal benefit.

I have read somewhere that Creative Art is one of the wonderful forms which you can try at home and the best option to cope with the present corona situation. You may keep yourself busy with your own creations. You should not bother even if you’re not good at art and craft. People say that pictures speak. 

These words acted as fuel for my journey in creative arts. I was fully motivated by this idea.

By the way, everyone learns Art and drawing in his childhood. The drawing was my favorite subject and I loved drawing in my school days.

My second Innings of Art & Drawing

 Now, my second innings of this hobby have resumed at the age of 64. I am learning a variety of sketches and drawings using graphite pencils and charcoal. Earlier, I was learning this art from a drawing teacher but was unable to continue because of the lockdown.

But my passion kept me going on this journey of creating art and I continued this passion with different forms of drawing and painting till now..

I have completed two years while practicing drawing. Not only that I have made around 1000 sketches till now but still I’m not better at it. I am also posting my drawing through the blog.

It gives me immense pleasure to see beautiful compliments from all of you. That increases my spirits and my efforts with new zeal.

Me and My Art

Yes, my Blog has got one favorite category Me and my Art..

 I love to do sketch and drawing that gives me immense satisfaction and makes my mood fresh.

My day starts with a visit to my sketch book and practicing drawing regularly.

I also visit the blog post of artist friends  and find motivation and ideas about Art and painting, 

Every Monday, during my morning walk, I occupy sit on the bench there and my drawing exercise starts in a peaceful and natural environment that keeps me happy and cool.

I remember the day when I started my drawing. I went through the phase where I felt sad and hopeless about this hobby because I am not good at drawing.

 After seeing countless artworks on social media, I felt even more depressed. I felt worthless about my artwork and even thought about leaving this hobby.

However, my drawing teacher always motivates me to develop these skills.

Even though I was disappointed with my artwork and lacked self-confidence, I still didn’t give up on doing regularly.  It was probably because I loved sketching and painting so much that I just couldn’t give up.

Drawing is my Passion

It is the fact that my passion of love for drawing that I could not give up..

It was just my thought that Who cares if my art looks so bad. What matters for me at end of the day is that you enjoyed the process.

When I do a painting or a drawing, what matters to me the most is creating a painting of my choice. It is the most exciting and memorable part of the drawing.

My drawing teacher once said .. If you want to improve your drawings skill then you will have to practice different forms of life drawings. You may get plenty of reference images online for figure drawings and sketches.

Now I am practicing almost every type of drawing such as facial drawing, landscapes, animals, and various other objects that we find nearby.

Line drawing

A line drawing is a drawing that consists only of lines. It is an effective way to learn about different elements of art, like light, texture, perspective, and composition. I use to practice with these line art tips from websites and UDEMY tutorials.

The line is the most essential of all art elements. I have started with graphite pencils, pens, and pestle colors and enjoying it very much.

Abstract drawing :

Rather than focusing on realistic imitation of an object, abstract art looks at other non-objective artistic elements of shape, form, color, and line.

I love this form of drawing and I do practicing it regularly. We can use these techniques to explore ideas beyond the canvas and  physical reality of images,

I am using pastel colors or acrylic paints for abstract drawing. I have a plan to use this form of art on the wall of our drawing room. 


Drawing is a form of communication that preceded our writing. This is just another form of communication. There are many uses for drawing. “Drawings can do amazing things. They can tell stories, educate, inspire, and entertain as well. Arrangements of line and mark can speak about feelings and imaginary things.

I always visit different websites for various types of drawings and ideas.  My teacher also suggested not to be critical about your drawing.  Just feel crazy about your passion ..  The intention should be to relax your mind and your arms.

I know that the only way to improve my sketching and drawing skills is by practicing every day.  By doing so I will see an improvement in my artistic skills.

Thanks for taking the time for my article, please feel free to say a few words that will certainly motivate me.

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  1. Wonderful sketches, sir. You are really amazing. 😊😊😊🙏

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  2. Very nice artwork . Art is a journey . As you said it is same with me . My best pleasure also lies in artwork .

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  3. I have said before that your art is good, but today I get to see them more, thank you sir.

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  4. Sir, you are making very good sketches and drawings. And yes, art is both a human effort and a great way to meditate and find wonderful things.

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  5. You have more talent than you recognize within yourself. Your drawings are very good! I am always happy to meet other retired artists on the internet. Like you, I always enjoy the process of my artwork, even if it doesn’t turn out well. I also enjoy the process of learning about art.

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  6. Very nice artwork 👌👌

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    Confidence is our best accessory. Never leave home without it.
    It may not bring success but it gives the power to face challenges.


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