#Art is my first love#

Confidence is our best accessory. Never leave home without it.
It may not bring success but it gives the power to face challenges.


During self-isolation due to the Covid pandemic, I turned to my new passion for Art and drawing two years ago.

It really provides me the creative opportunity to express myself. This hobby allows me to use my brain in ways that make me feel good.

Yes, I feel very relaxed during my art and drawing session.

Mental health issues indeed affect nearly half of the global population at age of above 40 years. Add to that, in the present situation of the corona era, maintaining mental wellness and managing fear and uncertainty is a challenge for us.

An Idea that clicked

During Corona Pandemic, an idea that clicked in my mind, we should have to think differently so that we can engage our minds for optimal benefit.

I have read somewhere that Creative Art is one of the wonderful forms which you can try at home and the best option…

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