#My fear of writing#


I had an irrational fear of writing something in front of other people. Even in my exam, my pen stop writing whenever the teacher stared at my answer sheet in front of me. This may be called a ‘writing phobia’. Yes, I have been suffering for a long time with this problem.

Fear of writing, fear of sharing my work, and fear of publishing all were problems for me — and there was always a question wandering in my mind about how I can overcome them.  There may be the fear of failure.

One day, I made courageously shared a matter about my fear of writing with one of my close friends. 

The reaction of my friend was, Go ahead and get started writing on a daily basis in your notebook. You can choose the stupidest words in your writing without fear because no one is reading that. 

It will help you develop the habit of writing. The ultimate goal is to overpower of fear of writing.

I am scared it will look foolish

You should realize that you don’t need fancy words to create any draft. You sit down at the reading table and try to write more and more.

Instead of trying to write your Blog, you feel as if you’re going to write an email to a colleague.

You have to keep in mind that every word you write is practice. It doesn’t matter if you delete them or remain in your Drafts folder for all eternity. 

If you love writing but do not write, that makes you a big fool.

Be serious though, get to writing, because every great story was once a shitty first draft too. Yours is no different.

Go and Start writing crap that comes to your mind.  Your writing skill gradually will be improved with passaging time.

Yes, you’re free to say anything you want, your inner wordsmith comes to the fore and what you write is truly you.

Humans are not born with fear

And remember one thing that you have to stop comparing yourself to others. You need to get rid of the notion that you are not a good writer.

Your biggest problem isn’t your fear of writing, but It’s that you haven’t yet completed your first manuscript. 

Your choosing not to write is the sole reason for your fear.

That was a long lecture from my friend that haunts my mind and I vow to do something that controls my fear.

After completing my education I wanted to write a book. But There was just one problem. I wasn’t writing anything before.

 I needed a humble mentor to pull me aside and say, Yes you can write, If you wish to write, you will be a writer.

Because of family pressure, I had to join bank service and my desire to become a writer was hibernated for long 33 years.

After retirement, my suppressed passion for writing was awakened.  I started writing short stories and poems with the help of my close friend, Kishori Raman. He himself is a talented writer and poet.


I am enjoying writings on different topics now-a-days . What I feel is that fear of writing is a terrible thing, but you can easily conquer it.

However, telling yourself to “just start writing” is a tough commandment, and this was a reason I couldn’t start that hobby for long 33 years. 

Fear of sharing my work.

A daily dose of writing 

Writing is my passion now, and I learned that first create your mood for writing anything. I fix a time for how long I want to write in a day because I have to take care of my fitness which requires a certain amount of time as well.

I think a target of writing 500-words in a day might be enough to keep our hobby alive.

Start a blog.

This is a nice strategy and helps us to get into the habit of finishing our work in time. It provides more opportunities to gain critical feedback that will be helpful a natural writing process. 

The feedback will give the confidence to keep writing, and a consistent writing process will turn into a better writer.

The courage to write

 My Writing Skills Are Poor

I know that my writing is not up to mark, but still, I try to write regularly.

Sometimes this weakness became the reason for irrational writing fear. It’s also a precursor to procrastination.

My friends suggested that keep writing consistently with no fear.  One day, You will acquire the skills you need to write and publish the books that you want.

Yes, I hope that my writing fear will come through soon.

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  1. Sir, this fear will go away as you’ve already realised why you are great of writing.
    Are these sketching yours?

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  2. Love the drawings!! 🙌🏻
    “Keep writing”

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  3. Fears are various types.The pen is mighter than sword. Nothing to fear.Only fear is that if you post sensitive matter in Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    You have been criticising yourself for years and it has not worked,
    Try approving of yourself and see what happens…


  5. Excellent work, Sir. It’s so inspiring to see you taking up writing and you are doing a wonderful job. Please keep writing.

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