#My fear of writing#

You have been criticising yourself for years and it has not worked,
Try approving of yourself and see what happens…



I had an irrational fear of writing something in front of other people. Even in my exam, my pen stop writing whenever the teacher stared at my answer sheet in front of me. This may be called a ‘writing phobia’. Yes, I have been suffering for a long time with this problem.

Fear of writing, fear of sharing my work, and fear of publishing all were problems for me — and there was always a question wandering in my mind about how I can overcome them. There may be the fear of failure.

One day, I made courageously shared a matter about my fear of writing with one of my close friends.

The reaction of my friend was, Go ahead and get started writing on a daily basis in your notebook. You can choose the stupidest words in your writing without fear because no one is reading that.


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  1. most people including me do suffer from this related to several different things
    1. fear of writing/creative writing
    2. fear of people’s judgement/opinions
    3. fear of rejection
    4. lack of confidence
    and yes to overcome all these fears one need to write any damn thing that the person wants to write. It needs to be practiced again and again

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  2. Approve of yourself! Yes! Magnificent thought and action. Great post and great idea, and I am sure that your writing, Sir, as well as your drawings, will be of immense satisfaction to you and to others. Cheers and enjoy this lovely morning.

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