I love writing poem

Be the painter of your own life, even if it does not fit the frame,
that others have shaped for you.


One of my old hobbies was writing poetry. But after joining bank service, this hobby was almost dead.

After my retirement, my mind started bogging to revive again this hobby. And I started writing poetry in Hindi again. Today it has been almost two years and till now I have written 120 poems. and not only that, I am also sharing it with you through the blog.

I feel excited reading your lovely comments. Your words boost my confidence as well.

Although writing poetry was not an easy subject for me, but my friend Kishori Raman is helping me a lot in writing poetry. After my retirement, I am enjoying the art of writing poetry.

I acknowledge that there are some errors in my poems, but do not allow any tampering with the spirit of the poem. Now, It is my passion to write poetry.

Started from the days of…

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  1. It’s great. One should always follow passion. I read your poems and they are really good.

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  2. Verma Ji keep sharing . Writing poetry beautifies our soul . That’s how I feel . 🙏

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  3. I just love writing poems and reading tooo.
    Thanks for sharing I love it.

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  4. Poetry contains the essence of the universe. Everything must have poetry to be beautiful Sir and writing poem elevates us all. Good writing and perseverance and remember, good writing is re-writing! All the best!

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