Yoga is my Lifestyle


I am adopting a yogic lifestyle. It is very much helpful in shifting our attitudes, habits, diets, thoughts, and general ways of lifestyle.

 Our lifestyle is to be more congruent with the philosophies and ethics of yoga.

By adopting yoga as a lifestyle, we have to focus on contemplation and living life at a particular speed. It is quite possible that, by utilizing natural means, a fuller, richer life can be enjoyed …

We have to make sure about regular daily Yoga practices which are suitable to our lifestyle. It includes meditation, some physical exercise, good quality sleep, and a healthy diet.

There are some important tips to be followed for a successful Yoga lifestyle.

Adopt a Healthy Food Diet Plan :

A yoga-friendly lifestyle means taking care of your body by adopting a healthy diet plan.  The easiest way to do this is to increase the intake of vegetables and eat more fresh fruit.

You have to shift to a vegetarian diet and stay away from animal proteins. Even going vegetarian a day or two a week can drastically improve your health. Breakfast is often the best place to start making changes in your diet.

Keep the body Properly Hydrated :

This is a very basic concept. But we sometimes forget to intake water in the proper time because of the pressure of work or any other reasons.  We should Drink 8 glasses of water a day which may be considered adequate. It’s the best way to keep your skin and body healthy. Drinking water also helps wake up in the early morning and keeps you going throughout the day.

A regular yoga practice:

A dedicated and daily Yoga practice is essential to support and fuel all the various systems in our body.

The breathing exercise and the ideal physical postures during Yoga exercises can create a calm mind and a clear heart and lungs.

Other yoga exercises are equally powerful and supportive. . Raja and Jnana yoga are deeply meditative, reflective, and contemplative. Bhakti and Tantra yoga invoke devotion within. Karma yoga encourages selfless service and humility. Whatever paths you choose, find a way to establish and maintain regular practice throughout the week. It will certainly help in keeping the mind cool and feelings of happiness.

  Stay active all the day :

As we do different Asana during Yoga practice, that can be helpful of all kinds of health benefits, including better sleep, better blood circulation,  normal heart rate, blood pressure, and better range of movement, muscle, and balance.

In the morning session of half an hour besides Asana, we have other options as well. We can try adding other types of fitness and physical exercises such as Pranayama, Surya namaskar, and jogging, We have to spare 30 minutes three times a week. it is needed. Staying active is also a fantastic way to de-stress and lift your mood and energy levels.

Practice meditation :

We have already discussed many times about meditation in our previous blogs. Meditation is the best part of Yoga as such try five to ten minutes of meditation before your morning yoga session to put you in the right mindset.  We can also try meditation sessions after yoga exercises to wind down and get ourselves ready to face the day with a methodical mind. A daily meditation session is ideal to ensure a steady level of cool mind and tranquility throughout your day.

Try to Reduce stress and find relaxation :

As we know that stress will ruin our best attempts to create a calm and conscious yogic lifestyle. As such, give yourself ample opportunities for complete relaxation, and make sure to incorporate stress-reducing yoga exercises like yoga Nidra and Shavasana pose in your daily routine.

  Create a positive and mindful social life:

We see that Social media and unnecessary politics can be draining our energy. It is energetically disrupting the desired goal.

. It’s surprising how much negativity you can let slide into your social life because of toxic messages received through social media and negative people.

 Since yoga is all about being more mindful and conscious of your daily life, it is important to create a more engaging, supportive, healthy, and positive social circle. Let go of toxic relationships. Cultivate positive interactions by making eye contact, complimenting others, and practicing kindness. Look for other ways and opportunities to be a positive influence on those around you.

Be true to yourself :

Personal honesty and accountability are key to living a more mindful life.  So try to continuously check-in with yourself to make sure your actions are congruent with your values. Make personal vows to study and incorporate the Yamas and Niyamas. Make an effort to be generous, kind, compassionate, and honest with yourself. Always aim to be true to who you are and content with what you have.

Develop positive mental habits

To develop mindful habits, you’ll need to work on your mind. Avoid negative self-talk to keep yourself positive. Take time to be with yourself. Try a daily gratitude exercise before going to bed or waking up. This can help you de-stress and learn to see more positive thinking and better overall mental health.

Declutter and clean your space :

Mindfulness is about the mind, body, and spirit, but it’s also about taking care of the space where you spend more time. It can be tough to cultivate a daily practice of meditation or yoga in your home if your house is dirty and too full of stuff. A minimalist approach to your home decor can help you focus and be present on what’s important. Instead of buying things you don’t need, think more about what’s essential for your lifestyle. Make sure to clean your space regularly, and remember to donate unused items rather than throwing them out!

Create a yogic home environment:

The surroundings in our home indeed affect our minds and spirit. Begin to notice how the colors, textures, and placement of furniture relate to your inner being. Choose to decorate mindfully and simply, incorporating calming colors, and pleasing lines. Keep things around that promote a healthy and relaxed environment, including green plants, scented infusers, crystals, candles, and a few great art pieces you really love.


Daily mindfulness and living a more yoga-friendly lifestyle is not so complicated. But it is as simple as making a few easy changes to your lifestyle.

This will keep you feeling focused, peaceful, and physically and mentally healthy,

Living a yogic life is not just about doing your morning Yoga exercise with meditation. A well-balanced and mindful lifestyle requires a whole life approach. But how do you keep the sense of mental and spiritual well-being you get with yoga all day is important.

 I hope this may be helpful to lead a peaceful, happy life. Please share your feelings.

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