# Sunday is Boring not #

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that
your loved ones are well, you have done your best
and you are thankful for all that you have…


Hello friends,

Today is Sunday and we are going to enjoy ourselves with all our elder friends, as Sunday is different than our scheduled daily routine.

Before retirement, Sunday used to be my favorite day, because we used to celebrate this day as a weekly independence day. No routine was to follow. No hurry for the office, no hurry for breakfast, and I sleep up too late as I wish without time limitations.

Sunday was my favorite because I had time for my hobbies. I had enough time to read and write, for a workout, and for playing my favorite game TT, if I wanted to. Yes, That Sunday was much needed for me to rejuvenate my batteries for the next whole week. That is why Sunday was my favorite and I used to love them.

If you are a boring person, Don’t expect to have an exciting life.


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  1. Being thankful is a way of life that guarantees many blessings. Sir, you are quite right! Thank you and a lovely day to you!

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  2. Corona ate up all our Sundays and here I am , stuck in a never ending string of Sundays😅

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