# Sunday is Boring not #

Hello friends,

Today is Sunday and we are going to enjoy ourselves with all our elder friends, as Sunday is different than our scheduled daily routine.

Before retirement, Sunday used to be my favorite day,  because we used to celebrate this day as a weekly independence day.   No routine was to follow. No hurry for the office, no hurry for breakfast, and I sleep up too late as I wish without time limitations.

Sunday was my favorite because I had time for my hobbies. I had enough time to read and write, for a workout, and for playing my favorite game TT, if I wanted to. Yes, That Sunday was much needed for me to rejuvenate my batteries for the next whole week. That is why Sunday was my favorite and I used to love them.

If you are a boring person, Don’t expect to have an exciting life.

  But I am retired now, and for a retired person like me,  Sunday makes no difference as is the same as another day of the week.

However, If I had to pick the one day of the week, that’s the most “boring” to me, it would probably be Monday.  That day just seems to drag on and on and on.

My whole routine becomes upset. The swimming pool is closed, Gym is closed, indoor games closed, and the local market is closed as well. What is not closed is my morning walk.

 Yesterday when chit-chat was happening with friends during the morning walk, someone said – tomorrow is Sunday brother, how will you celebrate this special day?

I will enjoy lunch at a restaurant and visit the cinema hall with my family as my son has an off day from his office on Sunday. We used to enjoy together on Sunday, the relaxing day of the week. Sharma Ji said, keeping a smile on their face.

Sundays are my no-work day.

One of my friends, Chaube Ji opined that a new survey was conducted in England which revealed that most folks in England feel that Sunday is the most boring day of the week. They revealed that the “Sunday Blues” are quite common in that country because people used to think about the week ahead and find it hard to relax on Sundays.

But what is Sunday Blues ? I asked.

Just imagine You are relaxing on the couch on Sunday evening, reminiscing over the great weekend you’ve just spent with friends and family. and when suddenly the thought creeps up into mind that you’re back to work tomorrow i.e. on Monday..

That creates feelings of dread, anxiety, sadness, and depression. In the present circumstances, it is happening particularly after the covid pandemic.

It can be driven by several factors, like worries about job performance, and may be caused by the access of remote working.

Even those who love their job can be filled with dread at the thought of Monday.

However, that type of feeling (Sunday Blues )  can be managed by adopting some measures. Let us discuss that :

There is a story everywhere.

Understand your Sunday blues

Before taking the measure to avoid Sunday Blues, it is important to understand the underlying cause of that feeling.

If it is just worried about an unpleasant task you’ve got lined up, or a deadline you’ve got to meet, these are all things you can do something about. Then, We should have to develop the confidence to perform up to mark.

Practice positive thinking

This is the fact that Monday will come and go, regardless of how you feel. Therefore, why not try to think positively about it.

Look back over everything you’ve enjoyed from the weekend, what you’ve got planned for the following weekend and what you’ll enjoy during your week at work.

Just remember all these. It will help to make a good feeling about Monday. 

I have a sense of Humour.

 Enjoy Sunday to the fullest 

Instead of worrying about the week ahead, do something fun with your present time. Meet up with friends, go shopping, go out for a meal or visit somewhere at a new place.

Exercise such as jogging or yoga is also a great way to release “feel-good” endorphins in our body that will reduce anxiety.

Take time to relax our mind and Body

Along with having fun, use your Sunday evenings to wind down and clear your mind.  It will help you recharge and feel ready for the week ahead.

We should try listening to music, reading a good book or enjoying a relaxing bath. If you set appropriate boundaries and enjoy your downtime, you’re less like to stress about impending work.

Get enough sleep

Many people dread Mondays because it can leave you feeling drained and worn out. However, this could be because of all those lazy lie-ins over the weekend, which disturb your internal body clock.

We should aim to wake up early in the morning and go to bed at a consistent time at night.  We will have to ensure to get enough sleep so that we can start the week in a fresh mood and feel rested.

Friends, as soon as you feel Monday looming, it’s common to feel like you need “just one more day to rest.  But hopefully, by taking steps such as making the most of your weekends, planning some exciting activities, and finding work you truly love, you’ll start to look forward to the week ahead. By practicing the above measure,  we can get rid of the Sunday blues forever.

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  1. Sir ap bike le lo ek and Sunday-sunday long ride pe nikal jaya karo.
    Or ap gardening bhi kar sakte ho. Yeah maybe ab apko ek aise hobby ki need he jo ki Sunday exclusive ho. Taki excitement bani rahe.

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  2. No blue, no red, just enjoy your Sunday!

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  3. No day is boring. If we feel, it will be boring. Nice article.

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    At the end of the day, all that really matters is that
    your loved ones are well, you have done your best
    and you are thankful for all that you have…


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