Make yourself Emotionally Strong

Sometimes we cry over minor incidents and get unnecessarily angry about silly things. Our mood gets upset frequently.   This is the feeling of our emotional pain.  

Whatever we feel and understand is just the experience of our emotions which is normal in human nature.  However, emotion is not bad for us but it has to be handled tactfully. We have to be Stronger Emotionally in the same way as our physical strength..

The good news is that it is very much manageable. Anyone can become mentally and emotionally stronger. We just need to work on building our confidence and resiliency and learn how to get rid of the bad things that will come to us. We should start slowly, be persistent, build up our stamina, and keep at it.

Acknowledge Your Feeling:

When you identify the fact that your strong emotions have been triggered.

Just stop what you’re doing and re-focus. In an agitated moment, you get carried away easily by your emotions. If the emotions are positive, you will feel great, but when the emotions are sad and worrying, they can quickly become uncontrollable.

In such a situation take a break from your work and concentrate on the five senses. This will make you aware of the present moment and help you keep your anger and anxiety under control.

Overcome the situation

It is not so easy to control your strong negative emotions. But it is easy to simply react to things happening around you and quickly lose control of your emotions. This is especially true if you are more emotionally vulnerable.

In such a situation, we should develop Strategies that will help to prevent being emotionally vulnerable. We should practice getting enough sleep, eating regularly and staying healthy with regular exercise, and avoiding mood-altering substances. Your ability to control strong emotions will get better with practice.

Try for regulation, not suppression

You can’t control your emotions instantly but imagine, for a moment, that you could manage emotions this way.

You would not want to leave them running at maximum all the time. You also wouldn’t want to switch them off entirely, either.

When you suppress emotions, you’re preventing yourself from experiencing and expressing feelings. This can happen consciously or unconsciously.

In such a situation you may experience anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, muscle tension & pain, etc.

It is advisable to learn suitable exercises for control over emotions,

Yes, there’s much to be said for the power of a deep breath, whether you’re ridiculously happy or so angry you can’t speak.

Slowing down and paying attention to your breath won’t make the emotions go away, still, deep breathing exercises can help you ground yourself and take a step back from the first intense flash of emotion and any extreme reaction you want to avoid.

Keep Smiling:

Smiling all the time may seem lousy at first, but research has shown that smiling will make you feel more positive.

Smiling reduces stress. Try to smile using all the muscles in your entire face.  Smiles that sparkle on your face and reflect in your eyes are more natural, which enhances your positive emotions.

Write a journal

Writing down your feelings and the responses they trigger can help you uncover any disruptive patterns.

Sometimes, it’s enough to mentally trace emotions back through your thoughts. Putting feelings onto paper can allow you to reflect on them more deeply.

Journaling provides the most benefit when you do it daily. Keep your journal with you and jot down intense emotions or feelings as they happen. Try to note the triggers and your reaction. When we Identify specific triggers, it will be possible to come up with ways to manage them more productive.

Learn to control stress.

When you are under stress, you may find that you are unable to control your emotions. While it is impossible to remove all stressful situations from your life, but you can learn to keep those stressful situations under control.

There are many ways to stay calm in stressful situations like ,— Taking five long breaths. Breathe in through your nose, hold the air in your body for a while, then exhale it through your mouth. Paying attention to your breath can calm yourself and calm your nerves.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts

Being attached to those negative thoughts is part of being meditative. Rather than allowing yourself to think the same thoughts over and over again, it’s better to challenge those negative thoughts! View negative thoughts from a positive perspective.

For example, if you have broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it will be easier to focus on what went wrong. This thought is so exaggerated that when you think about it, you can feel that the situation that has arisen is because of your fault.

Re-practice the “but why” thinking. You may feel that you are a failure and that you cannot do anything right.

Instead, try to focus on a positive and genuine idea. For example, yes, my relationship with that person is over. I didn’t want that, but I can have another happy relationship. I will use the lessons I learned from this broken relationship to build a relationship with the other person.

 Feel yourself with empathy.

Sometimes people are emotionally weak because fear puts pressure on other thoughts about themselves like being worthy of love, being accepted, and being happy. These fears are cause for concern. Seeing yourself empathetically helps you learn to love and accept yourself, which can easily strengthen you through emotional interactions with others.

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  1. So true. Acknowledge your own feelings. It is hard for people who grew up in a family that required you to suppress your feelings. However it is a worthy thing to fight for.

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