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How to start your day is very important because the whole day’s performance depends on it. Morning walk is part of my life. I follow my fitness routine from morning to evening meticulously. I love to enjoy life with sound mental and physical health.

Because of the rain shower, I could not follow my morning walk schedule last week . Then I have made some modification in my morning and evening fitness schedule,

Because of the rain, I could not go out for morning walk.

I started workouts at home with videos on YouTube. These worked for a while, but I could not continue after 2 days as find many distractions at home. So I created my own routines with exercises I love to enjoy doing.

 Yes, I joined the gym in this period and I worked out half an hour and decided to continue until the weather comes to normal. It was quite necessary for me, because you know, I try to keep my body healthy and fit.

It helps me to wake up and start the day with full energized  

  I think this should be shared with you all to motivate for other people as well.

Fortunately, I got this better option now and found a routine that works for me. I still try to work out 5 days a week, but the length and intensity may be a change in the coming week when my body permits. Sometimes just I skip when I’m not feeling well because of late night working. That doesn’t happen often as I always try to avoid these situations.

Just being less strict with myself and adjusting my goal to just make it maintainable. That is the secret to keep doing it.

Morning schedule with Yoga & meditation

After a brief work out in the gym, I am to follow my Yoga and Meditation schedule. Well, this one is interesting, because this differs from my fellow friends. I alone do yoga and meditation near the swimming pool available in our society. At that time, my fellow friends enjoy tea and snacks.

After about half an hour of yoga practice, I come back to my flat . I take a shower and have my breakfast .

 I break my fasting with fruit and salad. Yes, I would feel thrilled if I get coconut water at that time.

 In between the full day of work, I usually do some fun activity just after lunch , because I always feel drowsiness / lazy at that time. It helps me to wake up and feel energized.

Evening Schedule with sports

I never set unrealistic goals. I am not a superman, rather I am a senior citizen; I want to be motivated all the day and So I set a doable goal: I wanted to get rid of extra body fat and maintain my normal body weight.

My daily evening schedule is also set, and I usually do some sports activity. I play either badminton or table tennis, however; I prefer table tennis because I love to play necessarily in the evening.

I am so old but play against the young players that keep me feel young as well. I give him a tough fight and most of the time I make a win. That gives me a cheer on my face. I usually spend one hour there and after profuse sweating, I come back and take a shower. That keeps me fresh again.  

I do swimming also in the swimming pool of my society and that also included in my fitness schedule, but that will share in next blog.

Friends, fitness is the key to our happiness. Please follow your doable schedule for your fitness. Results do not happen overnight. Give it time, just don’t give up. You may not always feel motivated for this fitness schedule, but make it part of your daily routine. Because Health is wealth.

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  1. Wow excellent job. You’re always active and inspiring. 👌👏👏👏💐

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  2. Very nice to read your daily routine work with reference to health. Yoga,Exercise and Work wiĺl definitely keep us healthy.


  3. Yes Dear, Yoga exercise is very important to keep us fit.
    Thanks you so much dear for comments.


  4. Parabéns pela dedicação 🙂🍀

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    Never wait for perfect moment.
    Just take a moment and make it perfect


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