In the morning

Never wait for perfect moment.
Just take a moment and make it perfect


How to start your day is very important because the whole day’s performance depends on it. Morning walk is part of my life. I follow my fitness routine from morning to evening meticulously. I love to enjoy life with sound mental and physical health.

Because of the rain shower, I could not follow my morning walk schedule last week . Then I have made some modification in my morning and evening fitness schedule,

Because of the rain, I could not go out for morning walk.

I started workouts at home with videos on YouTube. These worked for a while, but I could not continue after 2 days as find many distractions at home. So I created my own routines with exercises I love to enjoy doing.

Yes, I joined the gym in this period and I worked out half an hour and decided to continue until the weather comes to…

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  1. You seem like a morning person!! I drink too much coffee, but I may get a gym membership soon. I’m pondering it!

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  2. You have shared a great routine. I think it’s fun. I agree with the part that it’s hard to workout at home. I tried that for 2 years and I wasn’t doing anything near as I do at the gym. I’ve recently joined the gym again and I feel like my lost efficiency is returning back. I also love the T.T video. You gave him a tough fight. Who won that game in the end?
    Overall a great blog.
    Keep sharing sir.

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  3. Nicely composed, the morning routine. A healthy post, worth sharing 💫🌹

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  4. Namaste sir, I also emphasised on the importance of things to do in morning after waking up.
    I would like it if you read the post

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