Adventure Trip to Nathula 

Dear friends,

We are all feeling very uneasy because of the heat wave all over India. Schools are declared summer vacation due to scorching heat. But even in this summer season I got an opportunity to enjoy the cool cool weather by wearing a sweater and jacket.

Yes, my family and I are on tour to Gangtok, Sikkim these days.

Actually, we all wished that some memorable moments of frosty weather would be spent in this summer season. That is why we just planned to visit Gangtok and Nathula.

Gangtok-Nathula pass is an adventurous journey with tough driving.

Yak is looking angry

we are enjoying full of adventure with deceptive roads and high-altitude winds.

We had  booked a Car from the tour operator for our complete tour for one week before the start of our journey.. As per schedule we had  to start our journey at 6.00 A.M. sharp from Gangtok.

Since Natula is a Protected Area, we  had obtained PAP (Protected Area Permit) just before starting our journey to Nathula .

The mighty mountain pass of Nathu La is located at an astonishing height of approximately 4,310 meters above sea level and is considered to be one of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world. We got an opportunity

 to experience the scenic trek of the valley and   beautiful  view of the lyrical waterfalls. There is a striding  road from Gangtok to Nathu la.

Although roads are bad and very tough riding indeed, but the scenery is so beautiful that the only snow-covered mountains are seen all around.

We are enjoying the beautiful view of nature along the way and I could not  resist myself clicking those views in my camera.

Since it was opened to the public after a break as the roads leading to the pass were filled with snow all around. Because of that it is  very crowded today.

We are on the way and feeling cold  weather, I said to the driver to arrange for  hot coffee.

Playing with snow

My Car is parked on the side where there are few shops. We are noticing that life is tough there . and only women are managing their shop and handling customers there.

In such a tough situation, they are serving food and beverages with a smile. They suggest that  we should wear jackets and hand gloves as we are going to face a severe cold there at nathula .

We got all these warm clothes on rent and then started our journey ahead.

Way to Nathula Pass

Finally, we reached that point. We  parked our car and trekked about 100 odd feet to reach the penultimate point where the gates of PRC are located. Photography is strictly prohibited at this point.

 Military personnel are available here to watch and guide us. We all enjoyed under  watchful eyes of our Jawans – they are always on vigil. They are very disciplined and standing there in such a tough situation.  We salute to the Indian Army who are there for guarding the posts at such a height where weather changes every passing minute. We are feeling breathing trouble due to less available oxygen level.

It is very difficult for us to  stop even 10 minutes here, our soldiers are so brave who are staying  24 hours here for our country. We appreciate  him for this brave work.  Bharat Mata ki Jai…Vande Mataram. 

We are seeing  the Gate that separates India from China and that  is covered with snow at present. The soldiers of China are standing on the other side just   at shake  hand  distance .

Presently  the temperature is  -4°C.

We are facing the challenges of the cross winds and also the steps are filled with snow which are melting because of sun rays. Some of the visitors slipped due to the slippery way. so we are very  watchful when moving our  steps .

Adventure of Nathula

What a beautiful view of the snow-covered mountains under the light blue sky, really that is a great memorable visit.

       The beautiful view of Chumbi valley of Tibet is mesmerizing to us  ,  which is guarded by a long range of snow mountains.

Really, It is an Excellent place to visit.

Really, it is the beauty of Sikkim.

Really, It is a heaven on the Earth.

We enjoyed it a lot and would like to visit again this place .

A moment with Waterfall

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  1. A great share!!
    A very beautiful guide to the place.
    Ab pata chala, ap yaha gae the 🤭

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  2. सुन्दर यात्रा वृतांत।

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  3. Wow fascinating experience. Hopefully you would have enjoyed a lot. Good that you toured there to escape from the crouching summer. 😎👍🎉

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  4. Going to Nathula ,road is such that is adventurous one.Above all,Chinese boarder ,every one is anxious to see the mood of dragons. Nicely presented.

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  5. Looks like a very beautiful place.

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  6. Que friozinho gostoso ❄️❄️❄️

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    प्रेम , करुणा और सहिष्णुता के शाश्वत संदेश से सम्पूर्ण संसार को
    जीवन के नैतिक मूल्यों का आधार देने वाले भगवान
    श्री गौतम बुद्ध की जयंती पर उन्हें शत शत नमन |
    बुद्ध पुर्णिमा की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें …


  8. Indian Mountain Ranges form an important part of the topography of India affecting climate, lives, settlement and economy of the country. They are pristine, serene, unruffled and majestic. The swaying snow peaks, lofty crests and emerald meadows blessed with the lush fruit laden valleys, invite tourists, bewitching and mesmerizing them. They also have the capacity to evoke spirituality and sanctity. India begins with the dynamic area of the northern mountain terrain varying from arid mountains in the far north to the lakecountry, and then to the evergreen forests near Srinagar and Jammu.

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