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Drawing & Painting

Dear friends

It has been a moment of happiness that I got yesterday. Yes, I have completed 2 years of learning Arts and drawing and made 500th sketch today.

I think it is the occasion to celebrate with you all.

I am not a professional artist, still I have something to share with you.

Despite being a student of science, I started a new hobby of Art and drawing. I treat myself as a student of drawing & painting and made 500 sketched till date. It is probably my greatest achievement in life, as I think.

I am very much passionate about this hobby. This is because I feature all my hobbies including my art work here in my blog.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my other new hobbies also, as I have promised to myself earlier to adopt 21 new hobbies. That was the time when the first lockdown of 21 days had been imposed.

I am happy to share that I have already adopted 11 hobbies in my daily routine and drawing is one of that.

Yes, it may be considered as my achievement in life. I usually showcase all drawing & painting, and my videos through my blogs. I feel happy to let you know that I have posted 175 + articles titled art and artist in the span of 2 years.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my drawing & paintings. Because on this day the idea came to my mind that I should start some creative work and I had chosen this Art & drawing.

I thought so after seeing my other friends on face book and other social media, but soon after I laughed at myself a lot. Because I thought I could not do a painting as I was a student of science.

I did not know about this subject and find it difficult to draw. But, I had to draw some figure and anatomy on my biological subject during my education. Because of that, I just have a little idea of that.

But now slowly it realizes that I can also do this work. Apart from the banking sector, I can be successful in drawing and painting as well.

After retirement from banking service. I could not see any other option to spend our time. I was thinking about my hibernated hobbies to revive them again. Corona had arrived in those days and then the 21-day lock down started. It was completely impossible for me to get out of the house.

In such a situation, I had adopted this new hobby so that during the stay at home, not only I can keep the mental health in good shape but also can keep busy.

 During that period, I successfully revived many hobbies together including drawing & paintings. As a result, that proverb became true — Jack of all trait, masters of none.

Although till now, I could not master any field, but I have brought many hobbies alive at the same time and am definitely enjoying all the subjects.

 In this 21 day lock down, I took the challenge (pledge) of myself to bring alive my 21 hobbies. Let’s talk about those hobbies.

I Love Blogging

The first hobby I started during the lock- down was writing a blog. Although I had some hesitation and difficulty in writing the blog in the beginning, but with the help of friends, I started it. My blog writing started off well.

Now it has become my passion. Till now I have written 1592 blogs. All of you are giving me support and affection. I am thrilled to read your beautiful comments. I am trying to continue that habit in the future as well. Please click the link below to view “The First Step in Blogging.

I Love sketching

I am doing sketches and artwork daily and improving day by day. I am not an artist, but eager to learn how to draw and paint.

I wanted to do a colorful piece of painting which can be the showpiece of my drawing room.

But I know I am not good at painting, but learning and practicing daily to reach our desired place.

The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.” I know many of our friends are amateur artists and hobbyists. Since, I am just learning this subject of Art, and you can call me amateur artists.

The intention of my art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Friends, drawing is the most creative field. One tool without which dawning is impossible. Yes, that important tool is — a pencil. A a good graphite pencil is an essential part of drawing, as my drawing teacher said on the very first day.

I am a beginner myself not too long ago, and not having quality Artwork, just in the way of learning process. Graphite pencil was my first choice to make sketches. I am using a different type of graphite pencil for my work.

I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.

Since the beginning of one year, I was using graphite pencil only while learning how to sketch. I used to share that sketch through my blog articles.

Now-a-days, I am using vivid colours pencils and other pigment shades in my drawing.. It is now my passion and enjoying this hobby. 

I want to do more and more artwork and share with you all friends through this blog .

I am not an expert, but would like to share some of my drawings which are made with the help of color pencil and pestle color too.

I had a folder enclosing my initial pencil work, but that is scrap now. I use those pencil drawings to test colors on them by layering and using blenders. Which allows me to see how the colors will look on those drawings.

All these activities keep me excited and find learning opportunities for colour drawing.

I convinced to myself that I simply wasn’t born with any “artistic” genes or talent. Despite that, I take a challenge to myself to learn how to draw at this stage of life. Because someone said truly that we can learn to draw by practice only, that provides me inspiration…

That is why, at 63 years of age, I ended up in a drawing class for beginners.

That is where my glimmer of hope of learning to draw was reignited. I discovered that drawing was a teachable skill, and anyone can learn how to be an artist .

I have shared with you some of my colorful drawings and hope you like that.

I am not good at drawing, but all that is your love and affection which keeps me going. Thank you for visiting. Please share your feelings.

Please click the link below for Budding Photographer ..


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  1. Beautiful share!!
    Your blog
    Your sketch
    All are amazing, just like you 🙂

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  2. Nice sketches, retirement and art are a lovely combination 🙂

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  3. Congratulations 🎉 keep it up please 👍

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  4. Great sketches. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Happiness is state of mind. Ultimate aim of life is to get happiness. Your passion is giving happiness to you. Sketches,Drawings and photos are not so bad.You are trying regularly for improvement. That is good.

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  6. Drawing and painting is one of my passion

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    Each new day is a blessing. Let go of all worries
    and grateful for all the positive in your life.
    Stay happy… Stay alive..


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