# Jack of all trait #

Each new day is a blessing. Let go of all worries
and grateful for all the positive in your life.
Stay happy… Stay alive..


Drawing & Painting

Dear friends

It has been a moment of happiness that I got yesterday. Yes, I have completed 2 years of learning Arts and drawing and made 500th sketch today.

I think it is the occasion to celebrate with you all.

I am not a professional artist, still I have something to share with you.

Despite being a student of science, I started a new hobby of Art and drawing. I treat myself as a student of drawing & painting and made 500 sketched till date. It is probably my greatest achievement in life, as I think.

I am very much passionate about this hobby. This is because I feature all my hobbies including my art work here in my blog.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my other new hobbies also, as I have promised to myself earlier to adopt 21 new hobbies. That was the time when the…

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  1. Yes life is too short so be grateful for everyday. 👍👌

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  2. Wow, congratulations on this major accomplishment! Your art is truly beautiful 😊

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