# First Step in Blogging #

Hello friends,

We all have entered in the new year 2022 and my Blog journey too has completed the second year.

I started my blog just for spending my quality time with all of you through social media.

I experience that Blogging is one of the best ways to share our thoughts and find interesting and unique articles.  More and more people get attached and sharing mutual experiences and thought. It is also helpful during pandemic to get rid of monotonous and loneliness.

The other main purpose is to do social service through my writing, motivating my friends to live the life at fullest.  After spending some time here, I have seen even more opportunities and realize my passion for writing.

But frankly speaking I did not have any experience about writing and have no idea what to write and how to select my content for Blog post. It was a matter of curiosity for me.

One day I told to myself …. just move on and have experience of new hobby. I was committed to myself,  ..Yes, I can do this.. I will make myself busy and keep myself fit   with healthy friend circle.

As you all know that I have made eight categories in my Blog on which I use to write my articles.

However, my favorite subject is Health and fitness.

I love to write articles on health and fitness mantra that motivate me to live fit and happy life.  

Fitness is a result of balanced nutrition and proper exercise along with Yoga and Meditation.  I found that this has not only benefited to all my friends but it benefited me more. People say that if you want to convince others, first convinced yourself. That motivational mantra works on me and I am always on my motives.

Every day, I wake up in the morning, and follow the positive affirmation .

 Today’s affirmation is …

I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

During morning I visit in the park for walking. After a brisk walking, I do Yoga in the park for half an hour. I also practice laughing exercise with our friends. These days, I am enjoying a  new hobby . Yes, I am joining swimming with our fellow friends and spend half an hour in the pool.

Today I am also excited to write something about my blog performance as I am completing journey of two years.

I am happy to let you know that, I have posted 1200  plus articles as on date, and more importantly published 263 blogs in a streak.  I  got an  appreciation  through WordPress notification that boost my confidence and make me feel happy.

I am also connected with 800 plus followers and my blog has  got 1.94 lac views.

This is the first step of my Blogging. I am still learning how to write a blog post. I know it is a continuous learning process and I have to learn something on daily basis.

I extend my heartiest thanks to you for your continuous support in this endeavor. Stay connected and stay happy.

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28 replies

  1. Better to live life then hide. 🙂

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  2. Continue to inspire us by sharing your thoughts Vermaji

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  3. Nice. Keep it up in future also.

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  4. Good habit.Inspiration for the other.

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  5. congratulations sir, your totally cool and inspiring

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  6. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    The Best preparation for tomorrow
    is doing your best today..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed..


  7. You aspire me a lot. I just follow and fall in love with your posts. The best life is a life lived to the fullest. Every day is a blessing. I just started blogging, I hope my blog will keep shining like yours.

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  8. I’m not an artist either, but I feel so much better when trying to paint even if it looks bad! Keep on working, friend!

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