# First Step in Blogging #

The Best preparation for tomorrow
is doing your best today..
Stay happy…Stay blessed..


Hello friends,

We all have entered in the new year 2022 and my Blog journey too has completed the second year.

I started my blog just for spending my quality time with all of you through social media.

I experience that Blogging is one of the best ways to share our thoughts and find interesting and unique articles. More and more people get attached and sharing mutual experiences and thought. It is also helpful during pandemic to get rid of monotonous and loneliness.

The other main purpose is to do social service through my writing, motivating my friends to live the life at fullest. After spending some time here, I have seen even more opportunities and realize my passion for writing.

But frankly speaking I did not have any experience about writing and have no idea what to write and how to select my content for Blog post. It was…

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6 replies

  1. You are doing amazing job with your blogs sir
    I didn’t know you have 8 categories, I will check them out.
    Also, I’m highly interested to know that you favourite topic is health and fitness, cause that’s my niche!
    I would be grateful if we can work on something together. Your knowledge and experience will help me a lot.
    Best wishes for the future. 🙇🏻‍♂️

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  2. You’re doing an excellent service by inspiring and motivating many people like me. Thanks you for your efforts of writing valuable thoughts and Sharing through WordPress 💐

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