Know your inner strength

उम्मीद एक ऐसा उर्जा है, जिससे ज़िन्दगी का
कोई भी अँधेरा रोशन किया जा सकता है ..
सदा खुश रहे…स्वस्थ रहें ..



Sadness is a temporary state that often has a clear cause. Few days ago I was down with sadness due to the loss of my relative close to me.

In those moments, I was feeling heavy emotional burden and trying to get out from that situation. Yes, I was feeling numb, drained, and struggling to concentrate.

I was feeling the Persistent sadness that had wrapped around me like a heavy blanket, resulted in muffling the sensations and lost the joy of everyday life.

I was suffering from feeling low, empty, and defeated due to continued sadness. I was struggling to find the way how to start feeling better.

It felt like sadness had become our constant companion.

That is when I got to see an article, which gave me some relief after reading it.

That was really helpful to came out from that situation and to lead normal life…

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  1. It’s a great post. I too believe hard time/pain , all ups and downs teach us many thing. Thanks for sharing this quote-Sir Aurobindo said, it is the darkest nights that prepare for the greatest dawns.

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