# I Love writing #

Life is not about being rich, being popular, being perfect.
It is about being real, humble, and kind..
Stay happy…Stay blessed…


Yes, I love writing, because it allows my mind to go to any place where I want to go without any restrictions. I find the way to express my feelings, my own ideas.

Yes, I enjoy writing because it has so much freedom, that is why I had decided to start Blogging two years ago. But this question always kept swirling in my mind that what to write and how to express my feelings. I was always in doubt about my confidence in writing.

One day, I replied to myself that — Yes, I can do it.

I was also realizing that there are so many things happening around us that can be discussed and shared with my online friends. The important thing was that I had to select my niche. I had decided then to start topic of my choice so that I can create my Blog in a…

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  1. I also love writing, but I never know I had this in me.
    I often got random thoughts, about making something, where I can talk about Health and wellness, this niche interest me a lot. I thought of creating a Youtube channel, but that was never my passion, I refrain from using my face regularly for videos, that’s when I realised that I want to write blogs.
    I started last year in August, I was so nervous and clueless, you can see my first blog, it’s a mess; but, since then I kept writing and I try to make my every blog unique and different, I am not saying, I am a great blogger with this niche, but yes, I’m consistent and want to keep doing it!!
    By the way, I have written a lot here, so you can see, I love to write.
    I have so much to learn from your work and I am looking forward to learning more from it.

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  2. Keep inspiring with your writing

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  3. Your blog is very nessesary for me friend

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