# I Love writing #

Yes, I love writing, because it allows my mind to go to any place where I want to go without any restrictions. I find the way to express my feelings, my own ideas.

Yes, I enjoy writing because it has so much freedom, that is why I had decided to start Blogging two years ago. But this question always kept swirling in my mind that what to write and how to express my feelings. I was always in doubt about my confidence in writing.

One day, I replied to myself that — Yes, I can do it.

I was also realizing that there are so many things happening around us that can be discussed and shared with my online friends. The important thing was that I had to select my niche.  I had decided then to start topic of my choice so that I can create my Blog in a better way.

 After thinking a lot, I had made up my mind to make alive my old hobbies of poetry and story writing.

I like to write on various subjects in Hindi as well as in English. I have made different categories in my Blogs.. 

Now, I am learning more skills and improving day by day. My thought is independent because I want to share my thoughts with online friends

Friends,  I have made different categories in my blog, under which I keep expressing my views from time to time and also getting feedback through comments from you..

I want to mold my personality into a person who is happy and friendly with everyone, for this I am constantly trying.

My story writing

I am also an avid reader, and I enjoy reading mythological stories. I am always curious to know different cultures and people of different countries. I am enjoying writing short stories, and my memoire.

I am learning to write interesting content in an organized and good manner.

 Yes, I love writing because in my opinion it is good to write your thoughts. and should be shared on line with our friends.

I am happy to let you know that I have already written 175 stories and posted in my Blog since inception. Now this hobby of writing turned into my passion ..

my poem

 I am enjoying writing Hindi poems and expressing my emotions through my poems. I know that writing poetry is a serious subject for me.

Writing poetry gives me instant relief amidst the ups and downs of life and is a very effective tool to set my mood what I feel.

I am learning how to write different types of poems. One of my close friends, Kishori Raman is very helpful to me in writing poem and always available for this endeavor. I shall be grateful for their kindness..

I always inspired by the surroundings and events, and make it the content of the poem.

I am a positive thinker so I like to write poetry on different aspects of life and nature.

Sometimes during morning walks, sitting in the corner of the park, I use that peaceful environment to manipulate words with whatever comes to my mind and then it turns into poetry.

I love writing poetry because it allows me to play with words and go into imaginary worlds where I have the freedom to express myriad ideas.

I am happy to let you know that I have already written 52 poems and posted in my Blog.

I have a dream to make a collection of my poems that includes my memoirs also. I want to pen down unknown aspects of my personality too.  I will compile and publish them one day.

Health & wellness

I have started writing blogs under category of health and wellness.

I generally share my views on physical, mental, and social well-being;

It generally covers five main aspects of personal health: i.e.  physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. 

In my opinion all the five aspect are important In order to consider our true health ..

As you all know, my focus, passion, and creative energies are still focused on health & wellness.

I am a health-conscious person, and love to do morning walk and Yoga on regular basis. I am enjoying Jim to keep myself fit.

As I feel my good habits will help me to be a consistent performer and keep our body fit and enhance my mood.

I hope what I write and share my feeling may be value reading.

 Please feel free to share your feelings..

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  1. Good information about your blog writing. Thanks for mentioning my name in your blog.

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  2. Good information about your hobbies. Go on doing all and share your happiness and feelings in writing or poetic form. Best wishes for 2022.

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  3. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Life is not about being rich, being popular, being perfect.
    It is about being real, humble, and kind..
    Stay happy…Stay blessed…


  4. Bahut intresting and so knowledge ideas about writing

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