Gratification of Successful Life

Immature people always want to win an argument.
even at the cost of a relationship, whereas
Mature people understand that it is always better
to lose an argument and win a relationship..
Stay happy…Stay blessed..


Hi everyone,

There is a famous Stanford social experiment called marshmallow experiment. They got children between age of three and five and placed a marshmallow on the table in front of them. Marshmallow is a kind of candy which children are really fond of .

All this point, the researcher offered a deal to the children — they told kids that they will leaving the room, and if they don’t touch marshmallow in front of them, if they don’t eat marshmallow in front of them, then the kid would be rewarded with the second marshmallow when they are back.

So choice was simple, one treat right now or two treats later.

Researcher left the room, for 15 minutes, some kids jumped up and ate the first marshmallow as soon as they closed the door, others wiggled and eventually gave in to temptation a few minutes later and finally, a few…

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  1. Thoughtful message perfect for today’s world Verma ji

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