# How my blog started #

Happy are those who take life day by day,
complain very little and thankful for the little things in life..
Stay happy…Stay alive..


Smile Please

Hello friends

Today, I am going tell you the story of my journey of Blogging.

Few years back, when I was in Bank service, I got an opportunity to attend training program at training center Jaipur. It was for one week training program. I had been allotted one room no.215 on first floor of the hostel.

Unfortunately, I got my room partner who was from Chennai. He was serious by nature and he used to be keep quiet ..

However, we had to get time pass there, so I slowly developed friendship with them.

I was a bit surprised to know their daily routine. He kept a dairy with him all the time which he used to write something always.

I had some curiosity to know what he writes in his dairy about this training Centre.

After asking so many times he finally agreed to show me his…

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