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Hello friends

Today, I am going tell you the story of my journey of Blogging.

Few years back, when I was in Bank service, I got an opportunity to attend training program at training center Jaipur. It was for one week training program. I had been allotted one room no.215 on first floor of the hostel.

Unfortunately, I got my room partner who was from Chennai. He was serious by nature and he used to be keep quiet ..

However, we had to get time pass there, so I slowly developed friendship with them.

I was a bit surprised to know their daily routine. He kept a dairy with him all the time which he used to write something always.

I had some curiosity to know what he writes in his dairy about this training Centre.

After asking so many times he finally agreed to show me his dairy. He told me something about their passion of writing ..

He was writing memoire on their journey in banking service. I was surprised to note that he mentioned how he has spent their day that day,… all were available in that dairy.

He also told that whenever he was getting bored, he use to flip the pages of his diary and read the old day memoire. This is the best way that kept him refreshed all the time.

I am also going to publish a book soon on my experiences in Banking Service.

I was very much impressed by that man although he was introvert.

There was a question in my mind that whether I should try to start my dairy ? and I was thrilled with this idea.

After completing training session, I was back to my Branch.  Unfortunately, I became so much busy in banking works, I could not find time to keep my promise alive. I had a new dairy in my drawer which was still to start.  Now all the inspiration was going in vain.

The time travelled very quickly and the day came when I retired from banking services.

First of all, I arranged a foreign tour for 15 days to cope with the vacuum created out of my retirement and visited Singapore and Malaysia.

After returning from the overseas tour ..I was feeling cool and refreshed. 

Now I was free from the daily stressful environment of bank work. Now I had enough available time for doing some positive work.. Yes, wanted to spend time to alive my hibernated hobbies.

I had so many unfulfilled hobbies and it was not possible for me to start all those hobbies simultaneously. So, I had decided to make a list of my hobbies and prioritize them. 

I will going to publish a separate blog on that foreign trip under titled “around the world”.

I first started Gardening, drawing and painting.  I also wanted to write a book on my banking experiences.

But my son told me :  As I have seen you , your book hasn’t get done for the past 15 years. Better you start blogging first and then you can look for opportunity of writing the book.

And there is a close friend, Abhay, He had been telling me for a long time to start drawing and painting and share on your Facebook wall.

I wanted to have larger online friends’ group and audience, and it can be possible through social media particularly by blogging, Instagram, that I knew.

I am thankful to both of them for motivating me on this journey. First, I have started drawing and sketching because I thought it easy to start. 

Fortunately, I got a very good friend Rahul Sir, who came forward to teach me about sketching and drawing. He is himself a very good artist. Now he is my Guru..

Friends, my journey of Blogging since started with website http://www.retiredkala.com, and I am happy to let you know that I have celebrated two anniversaries of happy blogging.  Not only that, I have published more than thousand blogs till date and have 750 followers.

I have been noticed by WordPress.com that says…you are on 200 -day streak on Retiredkalam.com. That may be considered my better performance .. Is it not ? What do you think ? Please feel free to share your thought in the matter.

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  1. Your blogging journey is inspiring. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Good performance in blogging. Keep it up.

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  3. Good initiative 👌👌

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  4. सुंदर लेखनी

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  5. True confession for becoming a blogger and given many credits to friends and family for receiving inspiration. I am also enjoying your writing, sketches,drawings and videos clips. Go on.

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  6. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Happy are those who take life day by day,
    complain very little and thankful for the little things in life..
    Stay happy…Stay alive..

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  7. Wow! I NEED THIS TODAY. I have a small diary but constantly lose my interest in writing. Definitely a good reason to start writing again.

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