# Chhath Puja_ Nahay Khay #

Happy Chhath Puja ..
कुम कुम भरे क़दमों से , आए सूर्य देव आप के द्वार ,
सुख शांति मिले आप को अपार ,,,
छठ पर्व की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं


Dear friends

The festival of Lok Astha , Chhath Parv started yesterday on Wednesdayy i.e. on 18th November 2020 with Nahay-Khay.

In the wake of four day ritual, the everyone everywhere including my native place is drenched in devotion.

Cleanliness and preparedness of Ghats and Ponds are being finalized on war footing .

I remember the moments when all my friends used to come together to clean our streets and lanes to facilitate the smooth movement of devotee and the people towards Ghats prepared at ponds and the banks of river Ganga..

But this year I am deprived of thoss exiting moments. I could not go there because of Covid-19 pandemic.

I feel very sad for not attending my favorite festival Chhath Puja .

However, I have been receiving all the messages of each rituals from my friends and relatives over calls from time to time and enjoying the…

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