#The power to be happy#

Everybody want to be happy; Happiness is something we all wish  for, along with health, wealth, and success in our endeavours. However, finding happiness in everyday life can be a difficult task.

As a much sought-after emotional state, happiness can appear briefly, or be influenced by many other issues in our daily  work and lives, making it difficult to find.

It is a good thing to know others, but it is a wise thing to know yourself first. Nature has bestowed us the necessary power that is required for our survival.  it is inherent in everyone and is an incredible thing. Yes, we have a power that can change the impossible into possible, sadness into happiness, war into peace and hate into love .

But the question is ‘” Do we realize the power we  have is a gift of nature.

When something bad happens, we have three choices .. You can either Let it define you, Let it destroy you, or you can Let it strengthened you..

As a human being we have been bestow with the true power of abundant kindness, joy, love, truth and peace within ourself. These are the things that can change the face of our own world.

Despite all turmoil, there is abundant source of happiness within us, which can be brought forward whenever and wherever we need.

This is true that, In the deepest hour of sorrow, we still have the power to change sorrow into happiness. The only thing required is that we have to practice these powers because we know that whatever we practice, we  will be  good at it.

If we find ourselves getting angry within no time, it means we have practiced anger the most in our life.  Likewise, if we Practice peace in our life and we can get good at it.

But the question is how to find happiness within yourself ? .

Stop chasing happiness.

To feel more positive in our daily life we have to stop chasing happiness..

Many people connect happiness to the achievement of certain goals or aspirations. This practice makes happiness a reward, rather than an emotion.

Instead of chasing goals, they use to chase happiness, that allow  to feel happiness whenever it comes  our way.

Sowing seed of Happiness

Everything in our life begins with what type of seed we are sowing . Love, kindness, peace, understanding, doubt and confusion are like seeds we have been given.

Depending on which seed we sow in the soil of our life, those will be the trees we see in the garden of our life,.

Focus on solutions not Problems

It is not only a question of sowing the seeds but also that of nurturing, watering and protecting them so that they grow in the soil of our life..

It is the fact that when we focus on problems, we will have more problems and when we focus on possibilities, we will have more opportunities.

Life is an opportunity –

Yes, Life is the truest opportunity, as we only have this one life to navigate. The breath coming into us is the definition of opportunity.

Sometimes we need to be reminded to keep our focus clear and remember what is real, because we get impressed by money, followers, degrees and titles. One should instead be impressed by kindness, integrity, generosity and humility. This should be real and practical.

Win – Win situations

We often look at the things from the perspective of overcoming situations, people and ideas.

It means somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose, but when we are victorious over ourselves, nobody loses. It is only a win – win situation. If life is a lottery, we all hold winning tickets in our hand.. 

Friends ,  Everybody want to be happy; as such explores what happiness is, how to find happiness within yourself, and the simple steps  we can try to feel happier on a regular basis….Stay Happy..

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  1. Correct analysis of remaining happy. Dalai Lama has told” The purpose of life is to happy “.It has many directions.Goal is one.Nicely elaborated.

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  2. C.S. Lewis, in one of his books, talked about finding joy, then realized not to look for joy, but live life honestly, and at times, joy follows.

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  3. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Minimum requirement and maximum adjustments are
    two steps for happy and successful life..
    Stay happy…stay blessed..


  4. Beautiful post. Happiness is within, happiness is good for our health.

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