#The power to be happy#

Minimum requirement and maximum adjustments are
two steps for happy and successful life..
Stay happy…stay blessed..


Everybody want to be happy; Happiness is something we all wish for, along with health, wealth, and success in our endeavours. However, finding happiness in everyday life can be a difficult task.

As a much sought-after emotional state, happiness can appear briefly, or be influenced by many other issues in our daily work and lives, making it difficult to find.

It is a good thing to know others, but it is a wise thing to know yourself first. Nature has bestowed us the necessary power that is required for our survival.  it is inherent in everyone and is an incredible thing. Yes, we have a power that can change the impossible into possible, sadness into happiness, war into peace and hate into love .

But the question is ‘” Do we realize the power we have is a gift of nature.

When something bad happens, we have three choices…

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  1. Wonderful and thoughtful message Verma ji

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  2. Wise thoughts… Liked it. 🙂

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