# I am a Bird lover #

Life is the Best school,
Hardship is our Best teacher,
Problem is the Best assignment,
And Failure is the Best revision….


Yes, I am a birder, I like to watch and take pictures of birds while visiting different places. One of my best friends is pigeon.

They come early in the morning to the window of my room where I sleep. I am now used to waking up early in the morning after hearing the voice of Gutru Gu.

My first duty is to feed them and then I go to the wash room, otherwise all the pigeons encroach on my room as if they are sharing my living room.

It is true that I am emotionally attached to them.

I spend half an hour in the morning with my friend Pigeon.

When he dances in happiness, I feel happy to see them.

I keep watching him for some time, as he wants to give me a great message that … live life without any malice and sorrow. Every single moment…

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  1. Belas palavras…. Bom dia ✨🌻✨

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