# I am a Bird lover #

Yes, I am a birder, I like to watch and take pictures of birds while visiting different places. One of my best friends is pigeon.

They come early in the morning to the window of my room where I sleep. I am now used to waking up early in the morning after hearing the voice of Gutru Gu.

My first duty is to feed them and then I go to the wash room, otherwise all the pigeons encroach on my room as if they are sharing my living room.

It is true that I am emotionally attached to them.

I spend half an hour in the morning with my friend Pigeon.

When he dances in happiness, I feel happy to see them.

I keep watching him for some time, as he wants to give me a great message that … live life without any malice and sorrow.  Every single moment of life is precious.

In addition, I am constantly learning something to understand from observing the behavior of these birds.

Birding is a great recreational activity that encourage to live happy and healthy life.

Birding helps bond family relationships.

My wife and I both enjoy watching birding together, my granddaughter also is starting to enjoy it with us.

This hobby is something inexpensive that we can do together.

I think, it is an ideal hobby for couples that are looking for a recreational past-time they can share together and that will get them outdoors in nature.

we watch and learn something especially when the last child has left their nest. and now that the children are no longer the central focus of their lives. yet they live as usual life happily together, as the case of senior citizen be….

Birding is a healthy pastime 

Watching Birds is a healthy hobby of spending time because it gets you outdoors in the fresh air, and gets you exercising by walking. It uses your senses and mind in a restorative manner, and feeling of pleasant change from the long indoor life.

Recent scientific research has shown that a 30 minute walk in nature among tall trees can ease the symptoms  of  depression and  anxiety and  lower  blood  pressure .

It also refreshes and renew our    emotion, and help to restore inner calmness and peace.

Birding creates full of excitement,

There is always an excitement in Birding, …

You do not know what type of new birds you will get to see each time when you go out, which adds a touch of excitement to it.

Few months ago, I got an opportunity to visit Okhla century during my stay in Delhi.

I was very much excited to visit that place as I have heard that exotic birds are generally come and nesting there.

This trip was very special for me because after a gap of almost a year, (due to pandemic of Corona) I had an opportunity to get out of the house and I planned to visit Delhi specially excited about the Birding.

In our previous blog I have already shared that memorable event, however I mentioned the link below and request to click the link and share your views.


we had planned to start that day with morning walk with Birding as weather was pleasant and cool.

I usually go for morning walks daily as my daily routine and habit and get encounter with domestic Breed of birds.

My son suggested to visit Okhla Birds Sanctuary in the early morning, I just thinking, it will fulfil the requirement of my routine morning walk and can have beautiful experience there to watch the different species of Birds migrated front different countries in this season. .

Really, I was very much excited with this plan as the Okhla bird sanctuary was not far away from the residence where we were staying.

As planned, we got up early in the morning for the visit. It was 6 o’clock in the morning when we went out from the house.  I set out on a motorcycle with my son. My son was riding a bike and I was sitting behind.

It looked really cool with dense fog all around making the driving motorcycle very difficult as visibility is so low.  The road was invisible and sun was totally covered.

We finally reached there after travelling a distance of around 5 kilometers that took 20 mins due to fog all around and less visibilities on roads.

It was very cool at that moment, while checking the temperature, it showed 7 degrees.

It was quite frosty at that time. Despite this, the excitement of seeing the birds did not decrease and I was excited for the experience of seeing the migratory birds.

I came to know that the Uttar Pradesh Government notified this as Sanctuary in the year 1990. It is now one of the 466 IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in India.

After entering the bird century gate, we had an exciting experience of seeing bird of different species chirping here and there on the trees.

It was very exciting to see so many species of swan swimming in this river Yamuna.

It is Known as a haven for over 300 bird species, especially waterbirds.

We have got an opportunity to see different types of birds including the bird species of thorny scrub, available here due to grassland and wetland area in this sanctuary.

This wetland was formed due to the creation of Okhla Barrage. We also got an opportunity to encounter the Peacocks, Mongoose, and other birds also.

That sanctuary was really  a worthwhile destination for us as  we found beautiful Flora and Fauna   with lake and beautiful  migratory Birds too.

Birding helps us live better lives. 

We can learn a lot about life, watching these birds, — just Watch and Learn from the Birds — “What   Birds Teach Us.

Birdwatchers can get out of their depressed, and  stressed life.

 It is observed that if    stay inside for too long as in the case of corona pandemic, we may suffer from depression, anxiety and stressed life.   But the good news is that spending time outdoors watching the local birds can restore your mental health.

The positive association between birds, plants and good mental health apply, even when a wide range of socio-economic variables are taken into account.”

Friends, I hope this article may find you a worth reading , you are free to share your view in the matter..

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  1. Beautiful post! I have and feed many birds in my wildlife garden, and brought up a few youngsters myself.

    Thank you.


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  2. This is very sweetly penned.

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  3. Birds and their chirping and skittering around is a simple joy available every single day!

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  4. A good post. I had been to Okhla bird sanctuary. It’s really great. If possible, see Dr Salim Ali biodiversity park.

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  5. Very nice

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  6. Great images..they do make me smile 😃.

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  7. Charlee: “We too are bird lovers.”
    Chaplin: “The more birds, the better!”

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