# Begin to live again #

अच्छे लोग हमेशा साथ रहते है ..
दिलों में भी…लब्जों में भी …और दुआओं में भी …


It is true that we are going through a very frightening situation these days. It is not known when the situation will be normal.

But it is a universal truth that bad times have an end and good days begin.

And there is a good thing that the cases of corona are gradually decreasing.

We are hoping that the second wave of corona is going to end soon, but friends, our scientist says that the third wave of corona may also be on the way..

So, we need to be more careful now.

Now we have to protect ourselves, our family and our society too.

Some basic rules have been suggested by the government which we have to follow honestly.

Here I would like to discuss something in this regard.


Vaccination is among the few ways we have to defeat the corona virus. India’s vaccination program is on full…

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  1. There are problems with the vaccines. Also, MRNA vaccines have never been used population wide until this one, so the long-term effects population-wide are unknown, but some are negatively affected. I think people need to discuss, research, and make the decision best for them. All the best.

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  2. I think sharing information is good, and each person is responsible to read, discuss, and research for themselves and their own.

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