# Overcoming Negativity #

Sometimes, we are trapped in a mood swing. it is mainly due to stress or when we feel overwhelmed. This might also be due to not getting enough sleep or not eating healthily.

Crying is a normal emotional response to this factor. However, frequent, uncontrollable, or unexplained crying can be emotionally and physically exhausting and can greatly affect our daily life.

This type of crying may result from a mental health condition, such as anxiety, or depression.

It is very expensive habit to speak soft and in a sweet voice. Yes, it is very difficult

Believe me, this is not just a matter of thoughts. It is very difficult to speak sweet, consistent & always .

We cannot do it even if we want to do so. The reason for this is our mood, our immediate state of mind, when our mood is unpleasant, then such mistakes happen.

We can change our mood with time but we cannot change the bitter words spoken during that time.

The problem is how we manage to keep ourselves one and the same with our good and bad moods over time.

we can practice some techniques for keeping our mood uplifted in the unfavorable circumstances.

When my mood is down, I use to take a walk in the balcony where some beautiful flowers sooth my eye and I immediately feel the change within and all my negativity is drained out.

When my mood is down, I choose to take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy nature’s beauty, I usually find myself in the small beautiful park near my residence. Doing this, I make myself guaranteed to change my mood and attitude.

When I am sad, I take my note book and pencil and I start making sketches of angry dogs …..seeing which just makes me laugh and my mood is fine, this is how I  feel refreshed…

Sometimes when I feel angry, I use to laugh loudly without reason and hear my own laughter I instantly feeling smoothing within …

Listening to the sound of drizzle over leaves  can be soothing and mood changing for some.

I am glad that the rains have knocked and we have entered the spring season….It is time to hone our observation skills and enjoy the generosity of Mother Nature and ignite our creative energy.

If all these ideas do not work, then I listen to rock music in high volume, and dance like a freak…

I know that No matter what our circumstances are, we can make choices.

There is no question that it is easier for some than others, but even the smallest choice can change our day and the way we feel.

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9 replies

  1. Your sharing to combat negativity is beautiful and inspiring.

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  2. A beautiful piece!!

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  3. Very well written 👍🏻

    I too smile in the mirror, whenever I feel low. It is such a miracle , instantly I feel good 🙂
    We have to make our own options to come out of the low moods and sad feelings. It’s also true that there will be uos and downs in life.
    What is important is the will to come out of lows and be positive again.

    Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

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    • Absolutely correct….
      What is important is the will to come out of lows and be positive again.
      Start the day with positive thought ..and enjoy the life..
      Thanks for sharing your thought..


  4. A well written note and very relevant in current times!!
    Also, we would love to see your dog’s sketches Sir.

    Keep Writing.

    Team GoodWill

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  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    When you replace…why is this happening to me ,
    with …what is this trying to teach me ? everything shifts,..


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