# Keep our Heart Smiling #.

Peace of Mind is a Beautiful gift which only
we can give to ourselves, Just by expecting
nothing from anyone, even after
doing everything for them….


Hi friends,

In my previous Blog, I had mentioned about an incidence of my friend, who lost his life due to cardiac arrest on the first day of this new year. He was suffering from Heart disease.

That’s why I wanted to discuss how to keep the heart healthy during the cold season.

It is true that winter season is vulnerable for those having heart problems.

According to a study, if we compare the coldest month of the year to the warmest month of the year, there is a 31 % increase in heart attack in the coldest months.

It is the time when blood vessels contract and this can shoot up blood pressure and creating the risk of heart attack.

In days of cold weather, it is imperative to plan our daily routine to keep our heart in top shape. We would like to mention some tips for keeping…

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  1. Very much important to keep are hearts healthy. Lovely post.

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