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The Rabbit and The Tortoise

Friends, we keep hearing that life is a race and we are all part of that marathon race.

Yes, Life is quite a long journey. We learn something at each and every step.

You must have all heard the story of the tortoise and the rabbit, But there are some more facts that we should know , 

Once upon a time, the rabbit was proud of his speed and so he used to challenge everyone to race. 

One day a turtle accepted his challenge.

The race took place. The rabbit ran fast and crossed half way. Then he looked back but the turtle was nowhere to be seen. He thought in his mind that it would take a lot of time for the turtle to come here. Let’s rest for a while, and he laid under a big banyan tree.

He did not know when he felt asleep.

Meanwhile, the turtle continued its run slowly but steadily. After a long time, the rabbit’s woke from sleep and he saw that the turtle had passed ahead. The rabbit followed him swiftly,

but by then it was too late and the turtle won the race.

lesson from the story:

Slow and consistent wins the race.

We all know this story, now let’s see, what happened the story ahead:

Rabbit gets frustrated after losing the race, he contemplates his defeat and realised that he lost the race due to overconfidence. He should have stopped only after reaching his destination.

The next day he again challenged the turtle to have a race. The turtle was full of confidence after winning the first race and so immediately he accepted the challenge.

The race took place, this time the rabbit runs to the end without stopping, and defeats the turtle by a huge margin.

lesson from the story:

A fast and persistent person always wins over a slow and persistent one.

That is, being slow and steady is good but being fast and steady is even better. 

After losing the race, the turtle realised that  the way this race is going now , he can never win the race. This time the turtle does some thinking and plans something in mind.

Now the turtle once again challenged the rabbit for a new race, but this time he asks to keep the route of the race as he wishes. The rabbit agreed.

The race begins. The rabbit ran quickly towards the fixed place , but he found that a sharp stream river was flowing, so the poor rabbit had to stop there.

The turtle reached there moving slowly, crosses the river comfortably and reaches the target and wins the race.

Lesson from the story: First identify your strengths and work accordingly, success will surely come.

After having a lot of races, now the tortoise and rabbit became good friends and started understanding the strength and weakness of each other.

Together, both of them considered that if we support one another, then any race can be easily won.

So the two decided to run the last race together again, but this time decided to work as a team.

Both stood on the starting line…. “Get set go….” And immediately the rabbit picked up the turtle and started running fast. Both soon reached the edge.

Now it was the turn of the turtle, the turtle made the rabbit sit on its back and the two crossed the river comfortably. Now once again, the rabbit and turtle ran towards the finishing line and together they completed the race in record time. 

Both were very happy and satisfied, they had not been this happy by winning a race before that date.

Lesson from the story:

Teamwork is always better than Individual performance.

Personally, no matter how skilled and promising you are, you cannot win every match on your own.

If you want to win continuously, then you have to learn to work in the team, besides your ability, you also have to understand the strength of others. And when the situation arises, the strength of the team will have to be used accordingly.

In this way we find that if we want to succeed in the race of life, then the cooperation and brotherhood of each other is very important.

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  1. Good lesson. Sometimes overconfidence leads towards mistake. Nice .

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  2. I like your first photo. You look a happy grandfather! And the old lady is fantastic in dancing!

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  3. It was such a nice build-up on the old story giving so many lessons at the same time! 👌

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  4. Thanks for elucidate the importance of team spirit.

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