# Be happy…Be alive #

Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned,
worn, or consumed…Happiness is the spiritual
experience of living every minute with love,
grace and gratitude….
Be happy….Be healthy….Be alive..


Hey friends,

You learn more from failure than from success,.

Don’t let it stop you… Failure builds character

Hope you all are doing Great !

Keep Smiling and bring smile on others face too.

That is the slogan of this New year 2021..

Every time you smile,

you not only make other people feel better

about themselves, but you raise your self-esteem, increase your level

of positive attitude and feel better about yourself as well.

There is a beautiful poem, jut read and find the meaning of beautiful Life..

There is a light,

There is a light bright inside,

Just to strengthen, just to enlight,

Tough was the road,

Intense was the fight,

Darker were days,

Lonely were nights,

But when we keep the hopes up,

And together we fight.

Such is the result that

We feel now inside…

The new era is waiting,

Yes, new era is waiting.

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