Master your Mind

Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right….

This mind of yours, if it is controlled well then it will become your best friend.

Lift yourself by the power of your mind. Don’t degrade yourself..

“The mind is the place of its own and in itself can make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven.” Truly said by john Milton, a western philosopher!

We may possess money fame and power, However , We need to master our mind else we will not experience the happiness and fulfillment that we are searching for in our life,

Consider the example of one of the wealthiest person in history….Howard Hughes ..

He had so much of wealth.  Amongst his many businesses he became a film producer in Hollywood, and developed a reputation for being a playboy who went out with many famous heroines,

However, by the age of 45  years, his phobia for germs became an  obsession. While he felt he was free of germs, he always feared being attacked by them from outside.

His servants had specific rituals they had to follow, like washing their hands multiple times and covering them with paper tissues, when they served him food.

He himself washed his hands until he literally bled. And he would cover his feet in tissue bags.  If he came to know any of his servants had fallen sick he would get his whole wardrobe burnt to free himself from the possibility of germs.

He became a recluse and practically met nobody apart from his closet aides. The last two decades of his life, he spent staying in hotels in the Bahamas, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada England and Vegas.

Finally he died at the age of 70. He had practically imprisoned himself from the world both physically and mentally.

He was incarcerated in his own dungeon.

Here was someone who possessed so much of fame, money and power, and yet, he was miserable, not for the lack of external opulence  but merely because he had not learnt how to master his own thoughts and inner machinery.

On the other hand, there is another story of somebody else that had practically nothing and yet is leading such a rich existence.

This lady’s name is sindhutai sapkal.

She was born in a poor region of Maharashtra, in the dist. of wardha.. When she was six years old, she used to take her family’s  buffalos  for grazing and  while the buffalos were immersed in the lake, she  would go to school and get beaten up by her teacher for coming late.

When she returned from school  to get the buffalos, the neighboring farmers would beat her because the buffalos had gone into their field due to her absence..

When she was merely 10 years old, her poor parents married her off to 21 years old. She had three children from that husband.

When she was expecting for the fourth time she got involved as an activist.  The local mafia were  using the women to lift cow dung from that area. It was like the cow dung mafia.

She informed of these illegal activities to the collector in that area and the collector when he took action, annoyed the mafia.

So they incited her husband, telling him that Sindhu had an affair with one of them.

The husband became so annoyed that he beat her miserably and then thinking her to be dead, he threw her into the cowshed.

There a cow protected her and she delivered her fourth child.

She cut the umbilical cord with a stone. She took the baby to her parent’s home, but they refused to take her.

Now, she knew she could not return. She wanted to commit suicide. She was about to throw herself on the railway tract, when she heard the wailing of an old hungry man.

She went to provide him solace and food, then realized if she can help others, she can find meaning and purpose in her life.

To stay away from molestation, she was residing in the graveyards and she was taking grain and cooking it on the funeral pyres that were lit there.

Once again the thought came and she was about to commit suicide, but seeing the homeless hungry children on the footpath, and she decided to take care of few of them.

She started begging to sustain them.  Slowly her efforts grew larger, and she created an orphanage and became known as the mother of the orphans.

In order to ensure no bias towards her own child, she gave that child away in an orphanage.

Now people came to know of her wonderful efforts, and they started supporting her until she raised more and more children, many of them became graduates, post graduates and even  phDs.

Her own children came to know and they helped in her efforts.

She says ….the most amazing moment was when her husband regretted and he came to her broken and dilapidated for shelter, very lovingly like a mother she offered him shelter and she says… he is my naughtiest child..

This sindhutai sakpal, the mother of the orphans, is the blazing example of someone who externally was facing such hardships, but lifted her own thoughts, and enriched her own mind  to lead a wonderful life.

That is why it is said that …. there is a huge difference between the  quality of your living and the quality of your life.

The quality of your living is determined by the external opulence, the quality of your life is determined by your inner thoughts. That is the importance of mind..

There is a beautiful question …Who shall  conquer the world ?

The beautiful answer is… That person who has conquered his own mind.

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  1. Beautiful. We always try to cultivate outer world, but couldn’t cultivate our mind. Cultivating our mind we can reach at the top . Thank you for giving us a wonderful story.


  2. Thank you sir for your time and support
    It is the fact that the quality of our life is determined by our inner thoughts.
    stay connected and stay happy..


  3. Nice motivational blog on importance of controlling mind to lead a happy and contended life.

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Appreciate every little beautiful moment in every day
    of your life. Give it a try and you will see the world
    from another perspective…
    Good morning friends…

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