# An Attitude of Gratitude in life #

It is the time when giving thanks is top of our minds. In this stage of corona pandemic that causes us to think about all of the special things in our lives and express gratitude for them. We are safe and must be grateful to God..

An attitude of gratitude means making it a habit to express thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of your life, on regular basis for both the bigger and smaller things in our life.

When you concentrate on what you have, you will always have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.

Life will be better if we develop an attitude of gratitude.

It is the fact that we all are receiving so many graces from the universe. The earth we walk upon, the air we breathe, the sunlight that falls on our skin creating vitamin D for us.

All of these are gifts of God. To be aware of the gift that we have received, this creates the attitude of gratitude.

There is a beautiful story…

One poet was sitting in his home, pondering over the deficiencies in his life,… not enough good clothes to wear, or delicious items to eat . 

When all of sudden he heard a knock on his door, he went up and opening it and his doorway he saw an astonishing sight,

There was a man with one leg missing.  He was holding himself up with the staff that he held in his arm. And the other arm was missing but this man had a string of toys hanging around his neck as a necklace. Actually he was selling toys.

The visitor said..  sir, I am a toy seller and  I am selling these wares , would you be interested in buying any item..

The poet moved to pity and with the utmost empathy for the perceive suffering of this toy sellers, he said …khilone-wala… don’t you feel bad about what you are missing in life..

The toy seller said..…sir, I just remember what I have ..one leg and one arm. Also I have the opportunity  to sell these toys. I see them as object of happiness that brings the joys in the life of others.

So, I am perfectly happy in my life.

Is there something I can do for you?

The poet thought about it. Here am I, who has got a body that is completely intact. But I am repeatedly thinking about what I do not possess.

And here is someone with one arm and one leg missing and yet he is thanking god for his graces.

The lesson in the story is to remember the gift that we have received.

Everyday won’t be perfect, but focusing on what we are grateful for tends to wash away feelings of anger and negativity.

The recent studies show that feeling and expressing gratitude leads to better physical health. They  found that participants who kept a journal most days of the week, writing about 2-3 things they are grateful for had, reduced level of inflammation and improved heart rhythm compare to people who did not write in a journal.

And the journal keeper also showed a decrease risk of heart disease after only 2 months of this new routine.

Here is some tactics to develop this mindset…

  1. Wake up every day and express to yourself what you are grateful for..
  2. Tell whoever you are with right now the 3 things that you are most grateful for in this moments.
  3. Start gratitude journal – express gratitude in this journal every night by noting the things that you are grateful for in this moment,
  4. Acknowledge for what you have done and accomplished in the last day/week/month/year, instead of comparing yourself to others, give yourself credit for big or small things you have been doing.
  5. Acknowledge other people and thank them for inspiring/helping /supporting you. Often people wait their whole lives to be acknowledged  

So try adopting some of the above tactics even just one or two in order to develop an overall grateful mindset, it takes a bit of work but having an attitude of gratitude is one of the most impactful habits for fulfilling and healthy life.

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  1. Well said. It is said that ‘ be thankful for what you have, you will end up having more. If you think on what you don’t have, you will never have enough’

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  2. Life is nothing but a game. Victory or defeat both are the two sides of the coin. Whatever we enjoy here , it’s the gift of the almighty God. We are indebted to him or her, the almighty. Your subject is very very learnable. Thank you so much Dada.

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  3. Gratidão… muito lindo 🌻💕

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  4. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    May your day be Beautiful, Peaceful, Happy, Healthy , Abundant..
    and filled with the Love ..That is being sent your way mow…
    Stay happy…Stay safe…


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