# Are you happy today # …??

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Covid-19 is hitting way too close to everyone’s home. With a sad heart but with a strong faith in the Heavenly Father, today I kneel down in #prayer, asking for a full recovery of those with Covid-19 and Lord I’m asking You to continue to protect & cover those who have not yet suffered the infection.  Give more strength to all the front liners who are exhausted but are not giving up.

To those who are reading this message,  I want you post this prayer message on your status page for at least one day. I am asking you to let us be in unity…. May God bless us

Are you happy today …??

Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness.

It means Happiness is the feeling that comes over you when you know life is good.

The ultimate goal of every person is to be happy and all efforts are being made to achieve that happiness in life.

The biggest belief that we will establish within ourselves is in regard to happiness. Where are we convinced we can get true happiness . That one decision will determine the trajectory of our life.

If somebody firmly believes that happiness is in money, then his entire energy, his entire effort is spent in the pursuit of earning money.

If somebody believes that happiness is in achieving prestige and fame, then that is where his entire energy goes.

If somebody believes happiness is in God, then he strives to know and love God.

So, this puzzles regarding happiness need to be solved to put our life in the proper direction…there is beautiful story in this context..

There was once a crow that became unhappy about his state.

He thought, “I have this dark and ugly color”.

If I were a swan, I would be white coloured and so happy “.

The crow went to the swan, and said ,..Mr. swan”… You must be the happiest bird.” In contrast to me you have this milk white color.”

The swan said, “Mr. Crow”…. I thought, I should be happy, until I saw the Parrot and then I realized, I am a single colored bird. He is a double colored bird.

He is the one who must be happy.

The crow then went on to meet the Parrot and he said Mr. Parrot ..You have this green color given to you by God and you also have a tinge of red in certain places.

These two color of yours in contrast to my single dark color. You must be a very happy bird, 

The parrot said, I thought, I was happy until I saw the peacock and the luscious splatter of colors on the peacock’s tail.  That made me really miserable.

The crow, in search for the secret of happiness then continued. And ultimately found a peacock.

He said… Mr. Peacock… God has created you with great affection. He has filled your tail plumes with such rich violets and indigos and greens and blues. You must be a really happy bird.

The peacock said Mr. crow.. I thought I should be happy. But because of all those colors, I was put into the zoo.

If I did not have such attractive colors then I would have been a free bird like you.

The crow then realized.. Nobody seems to be happy.

So what then is the secret of happiness..?

According to Aristotle…happiness is the meaning and purpose of Life. The whole aim and end of human existence.

Of course, there are a number of different types of happiness and each person has different things in life that make them happy and unhappy.

It is important for people to be self-aware and to truly understand what make them happy and content as individuals..

There are broadly three types of happiness,  these being related to Pleasure, Passion and Purpose…


Pleasure is important to us as human beings but its related benefits are relatively short term.  A delicious meal, a nice meeting with friends or listening to our favourite music all produce endorphins and offer us happy moments that can be the highlights of our day.

  However, these singular moments don’t equate to long-term satisfaction.


Being passionate about something whether a hobby, cause or group activity and actively being involved with it can be a great source of happiness.  These activities deliver contentment in the medium term and provide a sense of achievement and variety in life.


Feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself and that your actions really matter can lead to a deep sense of fulfillment and long-term happiness. 

We all like to think that our lives have meaning and if you can find your “calling” or be part of a great team, group or organization that are making a difference,  then chances are you will be truly happy.

Misperceptions abound when it comes to what really makes people happy. From pinning hopes of happiness on wealth, status, and possessions, to avoiding any feelings of distress, we are poor predictors of our own future happiness.

But understanding what underlies happiness can help you take steps to achieve it.

Happiness encompasses feelings of satisfaction and contentment and the drive to live a life of meaning, purpose, and depth.

It involves creating strong relationships and helping others. It requires uncomfortable or painful experiences—to continue to learn, grow, and evolve.

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